Sitecore SXA Practical – Project analysis and Implementation with features

High Score Labs News   •   Jun 3, 2022

Sitecore Experience Accelerator (SXA) is a great productivity tool as it reduces your development time by giving you pre-built components.

We’re starting  a new series of this uncompromisingly useful tool.
Please find the main components of implementation Sitecore SXA below:


  • Australian Client with offices across the globe
  • Multilocation website with each location has separate domain
  • Multilingual based on the location
  • Client’s IT team leading entire implementation and Marketing team provides content building support
  • Mobile responsiveness, multi-device support

Technical Specifications

  • Client required all the components rendered through SXA
  • All the general components, like 2-column texts, hero banner, image carousel etc. needs to be prepared through SXA rendering and its variants
  • Blogs with search and filter using tags and author names
  • Multiple Contact forms
  • Blog Subscription features


  • Adopt new changes Sitecore content structure
  • Content architecture update based supporting SXA
  • Client was juggling around SXA components but couldn’t implement to use it with full potential

Why SXA?

  • To answer to client’s requirement SXA provides –
    • Multisite support using Multitenant architecture with in-built configuration
    • Multilanguage support – there’s the dictionary for multilingual. That’s all built-in. You can have your own dictionary per site and share it between site nodes.
    • SEO friendly component creation
    • Easy to use drag and drop component creation with custom variants creation – There are lot of components that we can either use one on one or different variations of that.
    • Easy to use content creation and authoring features which leads to faster website launch
    • Design to deliver approach where content authoring can get started early – Front-end and back-end development go parallel. The UX designers who think of how the user experience would be for the site. Then once they are done, the visual designers start creating a proper UI, then the front-end developers start to make the markup and afterwards the back-end Sitecore developers start implementing that into the CMS. So, at the very end the content entry can start. Content entry and approvals usually taking up quite some time as different people are involved and we think we can achieve having the content entry start very early before we have done all the back-end development and all the front-end development.
    • SXA separates structure from design, so front-end designers, creative designers, content authors, and developers can work in parallel and you can deploy and maintain multiple sites quickly and cost effectively.

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