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Acquia and Drupal

Why use Acquia and Drupal?

Drupal is one of the fastest growing WCM systems in the world. It boasts an active community and all the features that a growing enterprise would require. As an open source project, it is highly customizable to fit any need that you may have. Acquia comes into the picture as a tool set that makes Drupal even better. It covers 24/7 hosting in the cloud and can be scaled as your enterprise develops as an online user experience powerhouse using Acquia Lift, Acquia Sitefactory, Acquia Cloud, Mautic and integrations with all your favorite tools like SalesForce. One of the reasons that it has become so popular is that it gives a higher ROI in a shorter period of time, allowing your resources to be focused on your business and not funding an overpriced solution. Don’t need all the extra marketing tools? Just need a good WCM now? Not a problem, this platform can grow with you, helping you save costs now, but giving your team future room to grow
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Getting Started with Acquia
Using Mautic
The Power of Sitefactory

Acquia Lift

Lift is an excellent tool that allows your marketing teams to drive their online marketing efforts into an integrated solution with an easy and reliable interface. No bloated interfaces that constantly lock up, error out or are too difficult and confusing to use. With Acquia, you can add features to your license as needed, ensuring the platform grows with you


An advanced and robust CMS

At High Score Labs, we have years of experience working with larger agencies to become the supporting foundation of their Drupal and Acquia projects. Our team is able to create an entire infrastructure built on Drupal and Acquia, with minimum effort or hassle. Our team of experts can help you on your journey by building you a solution that fits your needs now and will give you plenty of room to grow. Partnering with Aquia, we can ensure that you get the highest ROI and reduce the resources, in budget and personnel, required to manage it, further empowering your team to focus on your business
Getting Started
Setting up with Acquia
Setting up Debugging

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