At High Score Labs, we provide WordPress development, consulting and support to a number of corporations, international brands and large businesses. We believe in forming long-term partnerships and work hard to build your brand. With many builds under our belt, we offer several services.

What we do

Design and Front-end Development
Our team has carefully designed mockups, logos, banners, landing pages and assets for some of the largest international companies. In addition to this, we have built large, engaging and integrated systems that are both affordable and scalable.

Server and Website Maintenance
Server management (both Linux and Windows), automation, environment setup, optimization, scalability, continuous integration – continuous deployments (CICD) and much more. We are experienced with on premise setups, AWS and Azure. Also, ongoing maintenance, monitoring and continuous deployments.

Marketing Assistance
We have years of experience working with our partners to help with their marketing operations. This has included help with understanding analytics reports/how to use the data, personalization, site optimization, SEO, campaigns and using machine learning/AI tools to help automate business decisions.

With all of our experience and some of the best developers on the market, we are ready to help you!

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