Benefits of Sitecore Experience Manager Cloud

High Score Labs News   •  Mar 6, 2023

Content management with Sitecore XM Cloud has a range of essential benefits for your business:

    • Fast website performance. The modern cloud architecture combined with the capabilities of headless CMS improve the loading speed of your website pages and the overall site performance calculated by search engines.
    • Multi-site management. With the new Sitecore product, marketers can translate and localize content easily, deploy Sitecore pages for multiple global regions much quicker, and manage them from a single place.
    • Scalability. The SaaS and composable nature of Sitecore Experience Manager Cloud allows you to easily scale up and down your project depending on business requirements and other factors. You can add modules if your business is growing, or remove some unnecessary tools if you currently don’t use them.
    • Self-service deployment. Using the Experience Manager Cloud, you don’t need a DevOps engineer, because the deployment is configured automatically during the creation of a new instance in the Cloud Portal.
    • Increased speed to market. Sitecore Experience Manager Cloud streamlines the development process due to flexible deployment scenarios, headless services, component reusability, GitOps support, and other modern tools and approaches. As a result, business owners can bring their products to market much faster.
    • Automatic updates. Since Experience Manager Cloud is a SaaS platform, all the updates are performed automatically, so you don’t need to constantly plan the updates and spend extra money on it.
    • Flexible pricing. Sitecore Experience Manager offers flexible payment options, since it uses a composable approach to digital experiences. You don’t pay for the entire system, only for modules you actually use for your business needs.

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