Your Site Personalized Like Netflix: Drupal & Acquia Lift

High Score Labs News   •   Apr 5, 2021

When it comes to personalization, Netflix is definitely an outstanding digital platform. Every content displayed to users on Netflix is shown with user preference in mind. What an amazing platform to enjoy! However, showering loads of admiration on Netflix will not suffice. At least it won’t benefit your brand. You can as well personalize your website like Netflix. As the world of digitalization continues to evolve. Your brand can’t depend on the conventional way of displaying the same content to every front-end user. You can up your game by displaying content that appeals to the interest of each user.

We can confidently say that Netflix operates on a series of complex algorithms that may be too complicated to be implemented in Drupal. However, some modules can help you personalize your Drupal website like Netflix. With the combination of Drupal and Acquia lift, you can personalize user experience in the best way possible.

What is obtainable on Netflix

When it comes to the way Netflix displays recommendations to users. Netflix uses a user-centric approach. They display the same media content with different artworks. For example, when entertaining users with a movie of several prominent characters like Marvel’s Civil war Movie. Netflix will usually monitor the characters preferred by users and show artwork with each users’ favorite character.

How you can implement this on Drupal

The right module that can help achieve a similar objective with Drupal is the “Smart Content Module”. This module will help display different artworks featuring the favorite character of your users. You can as well use

  • Drupal Personalization Module
  • Acquia Lifts Profile Manager

What is obtainable on Netflix – Personalized Search

Netflix has a way of creating a pleasant mix of intelligent search and recommendations. The result? Highly engaging search results that will arouse the interest of users.

How you can create a personalized search on Drupal

Acquit Lift

To create personalized search results for users on Drupal, you can use the Lifts decision API along with the Relevancy sorting option of Solar Search.

What is obtainable on Netflix Personalized menu

Isn’t it amazing that Netflix rearranges the order in which category items are displayed?

For example, the first category may have books as the first display item for a user while another user may have something else as number one. Hence, users would not need to scroll through hundreds of categories to click their favorite category. Netflix will usually take note of your most preferred categories and they’ll appear on top of the list.

How you can create a personalized menu on Drupal

The context & context menu modules are available to help give users an enjoyable, personalized menu experience on Drupal websites. Instead of the context & context menu module, you can also use the personalization module/Acquia Lift.

Like we have on Netflix, you can also personalize notifications for users on Drupal, you can do this by using the “Personalization Module”. To create an optimum personalized user experience for your Drupal audience, you must study your company’s contextual digital experience strategy and identify the best module for optimum personalized experiences.

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