How to build a good Intranet using Drupal?

High Score Labs News   •   Jan 25, 2020

To help employees work together without hassle, secured internal communication is a fundamental need in every goal-oriented organization.  Internal communications are necessary for sustainable growth and development, it is also important for adequate integration in workspaces. Employers must have a platform where employees can seamlessly express their opinion, react to ideas, and give professional suggestions. Intranets are majorly designed to facilitate internal communications in companies. However, how can your establishment build an intranet that is tailor-made for your organization with Drupal? This article was specifically designed to answer this question in 5 steps.

Step 1: Identify your objectives and requirements

 It is important to make a comprehensive list of requirements for your establishment’s intranet. The next question is – How? 

Interview team leaders and employees in various departments to identify the needs of each department in your organization. 

Since intranets are often integrated with several internal systems. Make efforts to ensure that your supposed integrations will be compatible with software packages being used in your establishment.  Also, Identify the concerns of your IT and Security teams in advance. Note that some special circumstances such as VPN access for remote workers outside the company’s network also to be addressed.

Step 2: Create a great team

If you and most of your team members don’t have experience in building an intranet with Drupal, you must consult and include someone experienced in building an intranet with Drupal in your team. They know and understand the required technicalities and best practices.

Step 3: Identify your modules

Drupal has a long list of already existing modules.  To avail yourself of these provisions, use the modules to expand the default functionality of Drupal to meet specific requirements as described in Step 1. Since there are thousands of Drupal modules, all you need do is work along with your team members to identify the modules that are needed to customize your company’s intranet. This step will save valuable time and hours of tedious work.

Step 4: Plan with your team

At this stage, you already have your list of necessary modules, your objectives, and your requirements. These will be used to build your system. What is more? A schedule and a list of tasks to be accomplished. A recommended project management technology that is trusted in this regard is Scrum. Scrum offers great results on a long term basis. Remember to plan in a way that enables your team to launch an MVP version of the system on the production server within the first month. After this, feedbacks from everyone in your company will be gathered and areas of improvement will be identified. 

Step 5: Server infrastructure

Run the production version of the system with a server to make sure that the system works as planned.


In summary, to build a successful intranet with Drupal, all you need do is build a great team, choose the right modules, and create a robust environment infrastructure. With Drupal, you can build an intranet that addresses specific needs in your establishment – a sure success for every member of your organization.

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