Umbraco – Pros and Cons

High Score Labs News   •   Dec 7, 2020

Umbraco is a user-friendly Content Management System running on the .NET framework. However, if you’re looking to digitalize your brand, business or project with Umbraco, you need to know all there is about it before you get started. Rest assured, it’s an ideal solution for your CMS needs. That being said, let’s review some of the pros and cons of the platform.


  • Automatic Updates

When you host your web applications in Umbraco Cloud, you get prompted to update Umbraco to the latest version available. Most subsequent updates are automatically downloaded and installed while others come with instructions for manual changes.

  • Cloud Hosting

Umbraco’s cloud hosting capability makes it the best for hosting large content bases, including numerous pages and catalogs of content. The hosting infrastructure is based on the Microsoft Azure Technology stack; therefore, it inherits superb security and availability. What’s more? The cloud hosting option comes at a relatively low cost considering its value.

  • Security

Umbraco has tight security owing to its Microsoft Azure Technology stack origins. In fact, only a few threats have been found on the platform since 2005. After a threat is identified, a security patch is released to secure the system.

  • Content Edition Flow

With Umbraco, users enjoy advanced content flow. This implies that you can create content separately, edit and validate it at another time, and publish it once it’s certified okay. Furthermore, you can choose from a variety of options for content layout, ranging from pre-styled pages to custom configurations.

  • Users Management

You can assign roles to individuals to manage content on Umbraco including administrators, writers, editors, etc. Each role has predefined policies for access to pages and features which you can reconfigure.

  • Support

While Umbraco is quite developer-friendly, there are times when you may need help with using the platform. When this happens, you need not fret or get frantic. With over 200,000 Umbraco practitioners around the world ready to lend a hand, you have help at your disposal.

  • Performance

Umbraco offers sufficient performance levels right out of the box. If you are not content with these levels, however, you can find a way to augment the platform to suit your tastes which is not difficult to do.


  • Plugins

While things seem to be looking up for the plugins side of Umbraco with the Umbraco 8 improving on plugin development, there aren’t many plugins available for extended functionality currently. Thus, you may need to do custom development to find the perfect themes and modules to build your website with Umbraco.

  • Popularity

Umbraco is one of the most popular CMS for .NET frameworks, so much that over 500,000 websites use the platform. That notwithstanding, it still isn’t as popular as WordPress. 

  • Impracticality for eCommerce Websites

While it is possible to use Umbraco for eCommerce websites, the process is arduous. Because of the unavailability of plugins, you’ll need to spend time developing custom themes and modules for building and integrating into the site. Whereas, other CMS platforms have standard eCommerce features built-in. 

Umbraco is indeed a solid CMS for managing website content. Consider the aforementioned pros and cons. Thereafter, you may download and install the setup and get to work right away.

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