Episerver analytics and reporting overview

High Score Labs News   •   May 28, 2020

Now days there are many different CMS systems to choose from. One system that stands out from the crowd is Episerver. One reason why is because it allows a team to get going quickly with a low learning curve for both developers and business team. In addition, the system is built to scale to support a wide array of needs, including a versatile commerce system. With this in mind, there is one thing that a potential business looks for in such a system and that is personalization and of course, analytics that shows how the system is being used which helps provide feedback to the team. With this critical requirement in mind, let’s look at the reporting tools in Episerver and see how that demonstrates the tools ability to deliver quality to an Episerver user.

Tracking Campaigns
In Episerver, it is easily possible to launch and track campaigns. Why is this useful? It helps a team to analyze the effectiveness of the campaign that they have launched, by observing how many are attracted to the funnel as well as if the campaign has any real value in creating conversions vs just generating traffic. This can provide data that can be used by the management team to make decisions concerning effective approaches to create more value for their customers.

Provides Information on Visitors
Another way that Episerver stands out is the way that it can provide the business team valuable information regarding geolocation, devices used, revenue generated (commerce) or information regarding unique visitors.

This data is helpful for many reasons. First, it can help the management team decide which devices they should cater to when updating the UX on their site. Is there more desktop users, tablet users, mobile users? Understanding which countries visit the most can also help when deciding which languages to support on the site and can be especially useful on a commerce site. How so? With geo lookup data present, it is possible to push content to the site visitor based on their location. It is also possible to get a better understanding how different users from different countries react to the content or products that you offer on your site. The important item to consider as well is regarding personalization. With the data that Episerver collects, the content author team can setup personalization of content based on various bits of data collected from user interactions. This helps your content present the greatest value to your audience.

Profile Management
Another advantage to Episerver is that it provides an easy way to create, organize and view reports on profiles. Profiles present a way in which the marketing team can better understand the type of users that visit their site, purchase their products and use their content.

With this tool, marketers and business management no longer have to guess what products the most profitable or what content are drives the most attention. Simply using the reporting tool can help make the best decision as to where to put the focus, efforts and budget available to drive the greatest value.

One of the things that we enjoy most about Episerver in general is the ease to get new developers up to speed and its ability to be configured to meet almost any demand. This includes the robust reporting and tracking within Episerver. With an easy to use api, it is possible for developers to extend the tracking platform to track custom profiles, user interactions and even possible to integrate with other analytics platforms as needed or required. In addition to this, it is possible for developers to create a robust set of access rules that control what teams can see and manage what aspect of analytics and reporting. With very large teams, this can be a very critical requirement.

As was shown in this short article, Episerver is a great platform to manage not only content, but user experiences. If interested in learning more, take a look at our Episerver playlist in YouTube which covers several walkthroughs which are designed to show how easy it is to setup Episerver and get productive quickly.

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