Top 10 Content Marketing Strategies for Better Branding of Healthcare and Hospitals

High Score Labs News   •   Nov 22, 2019

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Today you may have qualified professionals in your staff and your service may be on the high level; however, without an effective brand in the digital space, your growth potential is limited.

According to our top trends in digital transformation in healthcare, clients and patients demand online accessibility. In 2018, Google began to pay much more attention to expertise, authority and trustworthiness. This update was called “Medic” because many healthcare websites were failing to increase their visibility on the search engine. You see, the right content strategy is very important, especially in healthcare. What are some strategies that can be used to do this?

Here are 10 points on how to achieve this:
1. Identify your target audience
The target audience is more than digits in your report or demographical stats. You should identify the needs of your prospective patients, their motivations, fears, and goals. The more you understand your audience the valid and helpful your content will become.

2. Present your work
Your healthcare brand is extremely important, so why not showcase your professional services! Describe their experience and achievements to your audience. One example could be Banner Health, They allow searching by specialty and have an effective way to introduce their specialists. This helps build confidence and makes it easier for your patients/clients to find what they are looking for.

3. Manage your content
Content management may be quite complicated. There are many different tools for content management now days. We have a variety of CMS’s that can cover your goals and budgets. Try taking our free online assessment that will help point you in the right direction,

4. Make special ads/offers
Divide your audience to groups by specialty or area of interest and create special ads or proposals. E. g. you can offer a special offers for retirees that focuses on common issues, for example blood glucose tests, cardiovascular conditions, then deliver this information using some cutting edge technology.

5. Video presentations
Using online video blogging channels, i.e., YouTube, can help better deliver your message. An example of this could be like this,

6. Use new channels
In the age of IoT (Internet of Things) there are many more channels that are available to use. Perhaps creating an Alexa skill, an innovative apple watch app, mobile app and many others can be used to help drive awareness.

7. Online webinars
Many online brands will often use free webinars to help drive awareness, teach and instruct a target audience. For healthcare this might be a webinar about the importance of eating healthy foods, exercise, common symptoms that should be a person’s que to seek medical assistance, etc.

8. Get social
Utilize different social platforms to represent your healthcare brand. This would include channels like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. This allows you to share valuable content, sharing within the audience and the ability to use analytic tools to measure effectiveness.

9. Ask for feedback
Use the online space to get feedback from your clients about the service they have received. This can help drive greater interest in your brand. It also provides a valuable channel in which you can make improvements to maintain a consistent level of service, brand wide.

10. Analyze the results
You have done many things, used different approaches, but what works? Track the activity of your digital audience and analyze the results in order to improve your service and brand. This also helps your organization to identify what online strategies work and which ones do not. Using the right tools can make this a near automated experience for your team.

At High Score Labs, we have years of experience helping our partners do just this, increasing your business. From building and maintaining an infrastructure to increasing SEO visibility and social interaction, we can help you build your brand!

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