Episerver rebrands as Optimizely

High Score Labs News   •   Jul 13, 2021

After acquiring Optimizely in October 2020, CMS, Commerce, and Digital Experience giant – Episerver has changed its name to Optimizely. The statement was reported during a press release published on episerver.com on the 27th of January 2021. This rebranding took place after a thorough research was carried out by the Episerver team. The investigation centered around how partners, customers, and industry executives perceive Episerver.

It is worthy to note that Episerver will be fully rebranded as Optimizely by August 2021. Optimizely was considerate enough to explain how the changes will affect their relationship with customers. They did this by creating a long list of FAQs that gave customers full details of what the rebranding will mean for them.

In addition to these customer-centric FAQs, partner-specific FAQs were published. However, partners will need their login details to have access to the FAQs. The official web address for the newly rebranded initiative is optimizely.com. Although Episerver has rebranded as Optimizely, it is not yet official. Episerver will be officially known as Optimizely by August 2021.


Between now and August 2021, What will be the relationship between Episerver and Optimizely?

Episerver assured customers that there are no reasons to worry. Interaction with Episerver will remain the same. Episerver will continue to focus on helping its clients with technology. It will operate independently till August 2021. The same applies to Optimizely, Optimizely will keep operating as a separate body until August 2021.

Why is Episerver rebranding as Optimizely?

As reported in the aforementioned FAQ, growth was a factor that led to this rebranding. Growth in objectives and growth in revenue. For example, a combined effort of Episerver and Optimizely generated record earnings in 2020.

The new brand name – Optimizely is closely associated with its vision – “Optimizing every digital experience”. Optimizely has revealed its ambition to double down on its optimization efforts. This renewed determination came with a new, more fitting brand name. Episerver wanted something more special for it’s customers, the delivery of a optimized, customer-centric digital experience for end-users was a priority in the rebranding conversation. The development of the new brand also led to the creation of a pleasant mix of data-ridden optimization strategies and creative personalizations.


Optimization as a service

Along with the introduction of the new brand name, Optimizely launched a new offering – ” Optimisation as a service”. This offering was designed to support visions with the best technology. The service will deploy solutions from Episerver Content Recommendation and Optimizely web. Inventive solutions that reflect the goals of “Optimisation as a Service” are developed by combining testing, targeting, and recommendations. Content as a service will evolve into a full-blown completely headless digital experience platform. The first of its kind in the digital industry.

More About Optimizely

Optimizely maintains a close relationship with about 1000 companies while managing a huge team of over 1000 employees. This workforce consists of highly organized and talented team players who operate from various workstations around the world. Right now, Optimizely is helping over 9000 brands unlock their digital potentials.

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