360 Reviews as a key performance indicator

High Score Labs News   •   Sep 17, 2020

Most of the powerful-performing organizations today are employing 360-degree feedback as their key performance indicator to drive better performance. 360-degree feedback is a multi-dimensional & powerful feedback and leadership development tool that incorporates information from supervisors, as well as input from co-workers and at times from internal and external clients and customers. It also tends to include self-assessment. Let’s see how 360 reviews server as a key performance indicator

1. Defining leadership

21st -century leaders now need to embrace a 360-degree approach to leadership. Leadership is one of the vital determinants for organizational success. However, observing leader engagement is one of the biggest challenges for delivering on a strategic vision. 

A 360 feedback from equals, co-workers, and team members present more acute insights into the leadership and managerial level’s administration ability and validating other behavioural areas besides helping you reveal the current state of affairs. Advanced AI technology can also be incorporated to identify trends in how people are expressing about their leaders.

2. Assessing leadership

You can assess the expertise and effectiveness of the current leaders and recognise the impact of potential future leaders by accumulating information from direct reports, supervisors, co-workers, instructors, and teammates – to get an impression of leaders, competence, strength and areas of improvement and accordingly create customized training programs to polish their skills. 

3. Identifying new leaders

A 360-degree approach helps in identifying new leaders and developing their interpersonal and leadership skills.

If you’re trying to identify new leaders, the first thing to do is work out where your company wants to be in the future. That will help you focus on the qualities and competencies that will help you get there. 360 Feedback survey enables to provide remarks about what qualities does the potential leader exhibits. One can even adapt AI technology to gauge which employees have leadership calibre.

4. Monitor progress and growth

360 Feedback furnishes you a regular, easy-going, unbiased and flexible way of monitoring leaders under the lens. The results can be beneficial to leaders themselves to learn how they’re regarded by everyone, and not just their manager. Applying 360 feedback surveys efficiently and regularly can drastically elevate employee involvement and improve their overall performance.

360-Degree Reviews is an important key performance indicator as it measures people’s performance through the perceptions of employees associated with the person being reviewed. It is a multi-item measure that includes analyses of skill and capability, leadership, etc.

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