When you consider migrating out of Sitecore

High Score Labs News   •   Nov 2, 2019

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Are you considering moving out of Sitecore? Is the system too big, too expensive or seemingly too buggy? Some of our partners have run into issues with the system, for example, it was over promised when they purchased the license but feel that it was very under delivered. Others face issues with costs and being forced into the subscription model, which costs much more money. Some are of the opinion that Sitecore is too complicated for non-developers to use and feel that it requires too much development time to be useful, especially when compared with other systems that are available out there that tend to be much easier to use. What are the 5 reasons that someone may consider moving out of Sitecore?

5 reasons to move out of sitecore

Costs. Sitecore is moving existing licenses subscription model in azure that is not feasible or cost effective or perhaps the overall costs are high. In general when compared to other comparable systems, Sitecore is one of the higher priced platforms.

Solution: try to consolidate licensing based on need. It may be possible that you have more than what is needed

You don’t use any of the features. You integrate with other systems that perform well and only use sitecore as a cms. Any of the features that you do want are already provided through other systems, i.e., Salesforce and Marketo

Solution: better integrate sitecore with the other systems (salesforce, marketo, etc) so that they can share information cross channel. You can actually increase value of Sitecore by doing this given its configurable technology

Frustrations with apparent Sitecore bugginess. You and your team have had seemingly random issues come up in production from time to time, including performance issues

Solution: have a fixed cost audit performed on your system. This will identify real Sitecore issues and (most likely) custom code that is causing the issues. With this information a path forward to correct the issues can be identified , check this https://hsl.chapinindustries.com/sitecore-audit/

Difficult to find good Sitecore talent. Your HR/recruiting staff has a very hard time finding anyone that is qualified in Sitecore. In addition, you find that the learning curve for a Sr .net dev is pretty high

Solution: consider using 3 – 6-month contractor SMEs to train and work with your team on a remote/flexible premise. Key is to be flexible with remote work, as mentioned here – https://hsl.chapinindustries.com/2019/07/30/offshore-teams/

Difficulties training your marketing team to use the system. Some find it very difficult to train team members that are non-technical to do things like, launch email campaigns, build pages from scratch, make quick component changes, etc

Solution: consider some onsite training from High Score Labs that can help. Also, an assessment of the system (fixed cost) will identify anything that is not Sitecore best practice and correct it, which might be part of the issue

We recommend that you work with us and we will perform a systems assessment. This assessment will identify the issues, goals and our recommendations on how to get there, which may involve migrating into another system. We are well versed in many CMS systems; Sitecore, EPI server, WordPress, Drupal, Magento and many other platforms and make it our goal to recommend the best system to fix the need. Fill out the form below to download a free sample assessment document and one of our SME engineers will reach out to you to discuss your needs further.