Is Umbraco CMS a good choice, and if not, why?

High Score Labs News   •   Aug 21, 2019

Umbraco is a CMS based on ASP.NET with a free open source version available. It is not as popular as WordPress or Joomla but it has a lot of advantages.
Many companies such as The Danish Crown Group, The Agency for Digitization (Denmark) utilize Umbraco CMS.
Umbraco is very suitable for sites with a large number of pages and small diversity of formats. If you need a site that has a lot of products or content, Umbraco is an easy solution.

The advantages:
Umbraco has a free version and pay-for packages, support options and is geared towards small business as well as enterprise. When using the free version, you can pay for additional features and support if you choose. You can also decide to use only the free version and simply customize and integrate as needed.
Umbraco offers an expandable API and therefore you can integrate Umbraco into any system needed. You can connect it with CRM systems and even support Android or iOS mobile apps.
Umbraco is a cloud-friendly CMS. It can easily be implemented on Azure or AWS and scaled to meet the demands of your audience.
Language support
Umbraco is a good choice for multilingual sites. If you need to support several languages or internationalization, it is the right tool to use. It also has a cool feature ‘Send to Translate’ that helps you to translate your content to another language.
SEO friendly
Umbraco web design services help you optimize your SEO, ensuring top results in online search engines. With this CMS system, your site is ready for SEO from the beginning. Optimization is simple and effortless.
Simple content management
It is easy to publish different types of documents and images. Content management system and media library allow you to run your content fast and simple. In addition, it is simple to learn when compare to other enterprise level CMS’s and is very well documented with online training, a large online community and developer APIs.
Umbraco goes through penetration tests every six months in order to conduct system safety. It is also easy to run through internal penetration testing from your IT security team and correct any issues that are found. WordPress, Joomla, and Magento are some of the most hacked CMS’s (according to the statistic from 2018 – source).
Umbraco as a CMS has to be setup in a way that ensures reusability and is not always well suited for a site, whose design does not take into account reusability. If your aim is to develop such a site, it might be better to consider another CMS.
The second thing is to consider the cost of maintenance, i.e., finding the right partner to implement the system in a way that helps reduce on going costs. Trying to set it up and ‘learn on the job’ can result in an expensive infrastructure that is difficult to maintain and improve on.
Finally, it is good to spend some time planning and researching so that you can determine if it meets your goals. You can analyze your needs and requirements and consult with an experienced partner to achieve this.

At High Score Labs, we have years of experience working with Umbraco, both from the initial decision phase as well as implementation and support. Contact us today to see how we can help you!