Digital enhancement through Sitecore 9 for Maritz

High Score Labs News   •   Feb 2, 2019


For impact driven businesses like Maritz, integrating technology with core processes was critical. When Maritz had a problem with lead generation, they reached out to SC Consulting for help. It was important to ensure that the website was capturing quality leads that could be managed throughout the acquisition lifecycle. Through the introduction of DevOps, and optimizing core technology processes, so SC Consulting turned to their implementation partner, Chapin Industries and High Score Labs, who were able to make a significant impact for Maritz.

The goal for Chapin Industries was to digitally empower Maritz so that they could add value to Fortune 100 businesses around the world. That’s why capturing the right leads at the right time was critical. Maritz needed a strong DevOps process initiated so that it could be leveraged as a business asset. Chapin Industries worked with Maritz on developing VSTS so that they could be more aligned with best practises. The core site technology was shifted towards Sitecore 9 with PaaS and Helix, when Sitecore7 webforms weren’t cutting it for them. Leads were captured in a more streamlined manner which enhanced the value proposition for Maritz.

Chapin Industries also performed extensive training for employees of Maritz. This was done to enhance the most important aspect of any digital transformation exercise – the people. There was robust training provided to onsite staff within the organization. Added to that, extensive training was provided to remote workers as well thereby aligning all resources towards a unified goal. This was an important objective for Maritz to achieve.

Converting three websites to Sitecore 9 Helix was key as well, so that Maritz could follow best practices. Chapin Industries also upgraded three sites from Sitecore 7 to Sitecore 9, while working with two developers and one training resource. This helped Maritz become increasingly empowered while maintaining value through cost optimization and lead time management.

The overall impact was in multiple domains across the board for Maritz, who required a hands-on approach by a dedicated firm.

At High Score Labs , we take pride in being a partner for digital transformation and aiding you reach your technological goals in an efficient manner. From processes to people, High Score Labs ensures that all areas of your organization are effectively optimized.