The future of Umbraco on .NET 5 and ASP.NET – Umbraco 9

High Score Labs News   •  Nov 11, 2021

Since 2004, Umbraco has been helping developers and editors manage their content platforms with ease. In 2009, Barb Mosher of CMS Wire described the platform as one of the leading .NET-based open source CMSs. Fast forward to 2021, and Umbraco is still waxing strong with its mission. Umbraco 9 was released on September 28th, 2021, the first version fully on .NET 5 and ASP.NET core. What can you as a user expect from this development going forward?

Full .NET 5 and ASP.NET Core Support

Umbraco 9 will enable developers to avail themselves of all Microsoft ASP.NET core’s functionality improvements and performance enhancements. Coupled with Umbraco’s editor-friendly interface, the modern engine will allow developers to do more work in less time, with better quality. According to the Umbraco website, they’ll also have access to new technologies like Razor TagHelpers, Microsoft Dependency Injection, and View Components.

Cross-Platform Compatibility

With Version 9’s .NET 5 basis, Umbraco is no longer exclusively a Windows OS program. All .NET-compatible operating systems such as macOS and Linux, can now install and use Umbraco. So, developers can now make magic with Umbraco on their preferred platforms.

Greater Hosting and Tooling Flexibility

While Umbraco provides its own SaaS solution in Umbraco Cloud for hosting, Umbraco 9 allows a variety of alternatives. Further, you can now choose your favorite tool for use in Umbraco. So, if you’d prefer to use Visual Studio or Rider, you may do so to the max.

Improved Performance and Scalability

.NET 5 was intended to be performance-centric and was built from the ground up accordingly. The engine combines new hardware and software architecture to produce tremendous performance than any before it. We’re not talking about some 50% increase in performance here, but 100s – possibly 1000s depending on what operations you carry out. As if that wasn’t enough, you should experience the hardware scalability of this version. It’s insanely powerful!


.NET 6’s release is imminent. And guess who’s prepared for it? Umbraco 9 will support .NET 6. So when the framework finally releases, you can expect to get even better performance out of Umbraco 9. Before then, though, there’s a whole lot to enjoy from Umbraco 9 on the .NET 5 framework.

Improved Existing APIs and New Exciting Services

Umbraco 9 brings a greater level of flexibility and developer-friendliness to the game. It’s equally easier to learn and maintain. All the familiar APIs and services such as GraphQL and Content Delivery have been improved. Additionally, there are new and exciting services. .NET 5 affords such as .NET CLI, Microsoft Dependency Injector, Razor TagHelpers, and many more.


Whichever new function or improvement on existing features you’re excited about, one thing is certain – Umbraco 9 will help you to work faster and better. So, if you’ve not upgraded yet, you have no reason to linger behind. Download the new version from the Umbraco website and get to work.

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