Top Benefits of Umbraco

High Score Labs News   •   Aug 4, 2020

Although not as prominent as WordPress, Wix and Drupal, Umbraco is one of the most user friendly Content Management Systems in the world. It is the CMS of choice for over 500,000 websites on the internet, including websites of Fortune 500 companies. One of the most famous CMS platform built on Microsoft .NET framework. Free for everyone and open source with over 200,000 developers , Umbraco is indeed a great CMS platform. 

This article is specifically designed to delve into the top benefits of Umbraco.

1) Simple Setup

Virtually everything about Umbraco is simple. Easy to use, simple to update and with low maintenance requirements. Umbraco presents a seamless experience for users from various angles. Developers, front-end users and back-end users find Umbraco easy to use. It’s utter simplicity is obvious from its seamless publishing and content creation process. Tools for creating a wide range of simple website features are available on Umbraco. You can create a stunning website with some few clicks. 

2) Good UX

Umbraco enables companies and businesses to create outstanding UX (user experience) for clients and internet visitors. Buyers can walk through the buyer’s journey with absolute ease. Front-end users enjoy problem free interactions with brands, agencies and organizations which keep them coming for more. Loads of companies have been able to get their messages across to users via Umbraco’s latest designs and UX trends.

3) Space to grow 

Here is an advantage Umbraco has over WordPress. Umbraco is equipped with inbuilt features that enables websites become sophisticated and more functional as companies and businesses grow. Therefore, Umbraco websites can be improved whenever there is a business growth. 

4) Simple controls and tight security 

The framework on which they built Umbraco – Microsoft .NET offers a wide range of security features that protect against cyber attack. Some CMSs requires users to install complicated security plugins. This is both risky and uneasy. However, Umbraco provides a pleasant mix of security and simplicity, all in one package.

5) SEO & Marketing tools 

Every website needs to be optimized to gain visibility on search engines. Umbraco templates are equipped with SEO tools that help websites enjoy good ranks from Google algorithm. Loads of marketing tools are also available on Umbraco. These includes analytics, tracking pixels and several other features that help websites gain publicity. 

6) Reliable CMS 

That developers can design virtually every type of websites on Umbraco makes it utterly reliable. Fantastic for huge websites with complex database structures. Capable of handling sophisticated websites with loads of activities and digital transactions. Effective for creating small websites, blogs and large websites. Irrespective of the type and purpose of creating a website, we can always rely on Umbraco.


Websites built on Umbraco needs very little maintenance upon completion. Companies can scale up their businesses by adding more features. A serene experience for both back-end and front-end users. When looking to build a website, look intently at your goals. If you hope to develop your business and generate more ROIs, Umbraco will make a splendid choice!

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