Sitecore vs Episerver

High Score Labs News   •   July 1, 2020

Sitecore and Episerver are top-tier Content Management Systems that uses the .NET framework and SQL database. They have so many things in common and we can hardly not mention them in the same breath.
Admittedly, Sitecore and Episerver both create seamless digital experiences for users worldwide. However, Scratching beneath the surface, it’s not too difficult to detect their differences.

Sitecore vs Episerver, who wins this clash of the “CMS” titans?

This article was specially designed to discuss the similarities, distinguish between the two CMSs and state some few advantages of each one over the other.

Similarities between Sitecore and Episerver
1) This two CMSs are developer intensive and they assist e-commerce and marketing teams deliver an outstanding experience.
2) There are both content management systems and they are both created on .NET.
3)They are both strongly connected to the digital ecosystem of Microsoft.
4)In addition to their content management system they are both looking to diversify. Therefore, they added customer data management and digital commerce to their platforms.

Advantages of Sitecore over Episerver
1) Sitecore presents a digital platform that helps create and deliver relevant content to web users. Episerver is only efficient in content delivery.
2) Sitecore is more functional in helping businesses reach their full potential and Sitecore help organizations harvest profits from digital investments. The proactive nature of this CMS supports business longevity. Episerver is not as efficient in doing the same.
3) Sitecore Makes it much easier to duplicate content and publish it on several servers. There also clear demarcations between editing and publishing elements. Meanwhile, Episerver has a rigid split content repository. It is noteworthy that Sitecore gives room for multichannel publishing.
4) Sitecore has content templates that can be distributed into various layouts while Episerver has content templates that only works with a single page layout.

Advantages of Episerver over Sitecore
1) Episerver Accommodates a wide range of developers. Junior Developers, Intermediate Developers and senior developers can all handle Episerver with ease. Sitecore on the other hand seems to be designed for advanced developers.
2) On Episerver, administering access to digital content is much simpler. Thanks to Episervers’s seamless entitlement model. Whereas administering access to digital content on Sitecore is more complicated.
3) Editors find it much easier to work with Episerver. It’s simple and easy to navigate. Sitecore is equipped with two types of editors, however, most editors find the interface too complicated. The loading problem associated with Sitecore wastes time.
4) With Episerver the documentation of various forms of content relating to a brand and the relationship between them is page-based. Sitecore on the other hand has a high level of uniqueness and exhibits a placeless pattern.

Today, considering the huge number of digital devices that is being produced and purchased worldwide. Developers, digital marketers and e-commerce teams in connection with Website Content Management Systems are saddled with the responsibility to create an awesome experience, irrespective of the type of device from which the internet is being accessed.

Sitecore or Episerver, which of these CMSs is much better? Who wins? It will be more advantageous for your business or organization if you make your decision based on the advantages you find most appealing.

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