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What Are PODs?

PODs are teams of consultants – usually 4 to 10 – with particular complimenting skills and levels of experience, and who are assembled to suit an organization’s project needs. They usually consist of a Project Manager, a few developers, a data engineer, a DevOps security specialist, etc. This self-contained unit is a superior alternative to having to create and disband teams every time a project comes along. Instead of assigning people to projects, we assign projects to PODs. Our PODs have the best set of skills in their specialties as well as vast experience, great cooperation, teamwork, and coordination as they have completed project after project together.

What the Process Looks Like

Delegating your work to our PODs is much easier than you may think. The process looks exactly like the following:

  • An engagement engineer assesses your needs to draw out a solutions plan.
  • Proposal for the team build-out.
  • Queuing up work to be done, milestones along the way, and other important details.
  • Agreements are signed
  • And work commences

Simple as that!

How It Will Benefit You

the following are the benefits of having your projects handled by a POD


PODs complete projects at a faster rate than individual developers do. This is a result of the elimination of the time it takes to form a new team to handle a project and for members of the team to get used to working together as a unit. The process usually takes 6-12 weeks. Having constant PODs help us bypass this time-wasting process and cuts the time to complete your project

Greater control

With our PODs handling your project, you can interact with the Project Manager at will to determine the progress of your project, as well as pass down any direction you require


With PODs, you can rest assured that your work is in safe hands and the result will be top-notch. There are limited slots for each type of developer on a POD, therefore, only the best is selected. This ensures that the POD has the best experts in the business for the best results

Better productivity

The best results are achieved when the ideology for the project comes from a team standpoint rather than from individual contributions. PODs are best suited for this as it’s easier to achieve that team perspective to tackle any project that comes the organization’s way

Featured Technologies

We leverage on the following technologies while handing projects

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