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Why use us for upgrades and migrations?

We uplift brands by equipping them with the latest technology to achieve modern relevance. Sometimes, we use our expertise to upgrade existing digital systems for improved functionality. Other times, we embark on a complete overhaul of the system and introduce the appropriate platform if needed. Our experts are trained for such technicalities. For professional upgrades and migrations that skyrocket sales by generating leads, you must collaborate with a team like HSL, a dedicated and resilient team with the required expertise.
It is important to note that using a team that is not familiar with your digital system for upgrades and migrations can be counterproductive. On the other hand, with our expertise, you will enjoy the service of professionals that are familiar with the necessary best practices. Your goals will be matched with ease!

sitecore and epi server

Inexperience can ruin the desired outcome

It is neither cost-effective nor time conserving to upgrade a complex digital system without prior experience. Our experts here at HSL are masters in handling upgrades and migrations. We did not become masters overnight, several years of experience equipped us with such digital prowess.
By upgrading and migrating with experienced professionals here at HSL, you will have the opportunity to create customer-centric digital experiences. This in turn will place you ahead of your competitors. The most modern and functional digital platforms will propel your organization to the next level.

Each platform is different
It is noteworthy to remember that there are various rules and best practices associated with the upgrades and migration of various digital platforms. Our tech-savvies are proficient in handling the migration and upgrades of various platforms, all you need do is discuss your need with us. Thereafter, we will map out the best strategies to help you reach your goal.

What makes us the right fit

  • Years of experience with many different platforms
  • Experts that can get it done right
  • Experience with automation of content migration
  • Training of the new platform: We will train you and your employees on how to handle the new platform as we did for Maritz

We are proficient in handling migrations and upgrades that have to do with the following technologies

We test thoroughly, we create quality codes and our turnaround time is always incredible. Either you are looking to migrate from a proprietary CMS to Drupal? Or you are looking to handle migration or upgrades that have to do with any of the three aforementioned technologies. HSL has got you covered.

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After careful and accurate identification of your current strength and weaknesses, our team of experts combine your business assessment with extensive market research, and the best tools in the business to help you achieve your business goals. You need that expertise. You need High Score Labs. So, let’s get talking today

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