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Some of Bryan’s past projects

Bryan has worked on many innovative projects. On one such project he was the Lead Architect and Software Developer that designed and created mobile applications, the required backend infrastructure and support chains for a large publicly traded mega cap retail store. This product gave transparency to their many layers of contractors, improved their customer satisfaction rates and reduced costs.

After that, his over two decades of networking background was used co-inventing a Wireless solution for a Location Based Marketing product. This product was co-branded with Anheuser Busch’s marketing team to provide Wireless Marketing at Music and Entertainment Venues. Eventually this product made I a way into small restaurant chains and also into City Mainstreet organizations in the United States and Canada, providing foot fall analytics on smart dashboards giving vendors and organizers ways to improve their capitalization efforts.

Current Work

Currently Bryan is working on large enterprise grade marketing solutions and innovative in-house corporate products. These efforts are maximizing the results of Content Management Systems for heavy industry leaders and internally, giving competitive advantages to both.
Most recently, his many years of experience with IT management, networking, web marketing, search optimization, managing and application developing have allowed him an opportunity to be commissioned as Chapin Industries, Inc. Chief Technology Officer, a role he has been very excited to fill!

In the near-future and beyond he is also involved in planning on some embedded IoT projects in the Renewable Energy space and for the Aerospace community. Many really innovative projects are currently being vetted and Researched and Developed here at Chapin Industries, super exciting times!

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Tech Hobbies

You can mostly find Bryan tinkering around on Embedded Devices and creating IoT solutions in his down time. Possibly his favorite is to hack old Network Routers and cram as much hackery fun into as he can. He also enjoys 3d printing everything he can think of, even 3d printed parts for his 3d printer!

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