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24/7 Support and ongoing maintenance

Outsourcing your digital platforms’ ongoing maintenance is a delicate matter. Make a wrong choice and you’d be stuck with whatever mishaps an incompetent company does to your sites, apps, etc. We are glad to let you know, however, that you need not fret as you have come to the right place. At High Score Labs, we help our partners and clients handle all their ongoing maintenance needs. They trust us because we have an impeccable record; we always give them the best results.

Why Have Dedicated Support?
· A Team of Experts: Our teams are experts at development and maintenance. With them, you can rest assured that your platforms are in safe hands.
· Manage the Infrastructure and growth: we are dedicated to ensuring that your platforms and infrastructure are properly managed.
· Continuous Growth of Your Investment: No one wants to waste their hard-earned money on unproductive technology. We help you ensure that does not happen. We help you put your money to great use where it is most effective so you can reap rich proceeds at the end.
· Fast Issue Resolution/24/7 Support: With a dedicated rooster of developers working round the clock managing your platforms, all issues are resolved as soon as they arise.

Our Expertise

We use – and are well-versed in the maintenance of the following technologies

Sitecore: Every complex digital system needs professional maintenance. And a powerful mix of CMS and xDB like Sitecore needs it more. There is no better way to drive optimum value from your Sitecore investment other than to hire an experienced team of Sitecore experts. Here at HSL, we have all it takes to optimize and maintain your Sitecore systems.

Episerver: Just like Sitecore, Episerver powered applications need constant maintenance. Our professionals are proficient in maintaining Episerver Systems. We know exactly how to implement technical procedures such as bug fixes, security upgrades, and customization.

Drupal: If your enterprise is customer-centric, you will avoid exposing your Drupal Software to bugs. Remember, they can compromise the credibility of your business. We keep track of updates and provide technical security fixes. Your modules, core software, and themes will be handled to create the most modern and reliable user experience for your clients and prospective clients.

WordPress: To enable your WordPress powered business experience amazing digital growth, you need our WP maintenance services. Serious WP site owners can use our services to optimize their website speed, secure their website, upgrade plugins, themes, core files and so much more.

Our systems support all popular infrastructure, including;
· Azure, AWS, and On-prem
· Linux, and Windows servers
· Automation
· DevOps

Support and trust you can count on

Our partners trust us to handle their platform maintenance and growth. We do this with outstanding success too. The operations we carry out in this aspect include:

· Feature Development: We believe an accumulative approach to software development is a neat trick. And we’re quite efficient at it. As new features come along for your platforms, we inculcate them into the existing infrastructure.
· Hot Fixes: Our partners do not have to worry about bugs in their software as we always rise to the occasion with hot fixes. The result? A platform that operates seamlessly and offers customers the best digital experience.
· Updates and Patches: As updates and patches to existing platforms and features arrive, we implement them as soon as possible so your platform users and visitors have the latest features for use.
· Training and Documentation: We also handle for your team on the handling of any of your platforms and their features, as well as their documentation.
· Roadmap Development: We set reasonable milestones and expectations to be reached for software development and maintenance. With these realistic and clear goals in mind, more milestones are reached in a shorter time.
· 24/7 Support Available, multi-time zone coverage: Wherever you are and at whatever time, you may reach out for support and we will be there to lend a hand.

Featured Technologies

Common platforms our 24 7 team supports

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Experience, they say, is the best teacher. Our teams have acquired a wealth of useful experience over the years in managing client’s platforms. This experience also extends to the area of managing support teams in different locations, both near and remote, and in multiple time zones around the world.