New release: Umbraco 9.2

High Score Labs News   •   Aug 3, 2022

Ever since the initial release of Umbraco 22 years ago, there has always been a need to optimize functionality through updates. Reasons for this might range from the need for security patches to the implementation of new technologies. Umbraco 9.2 has some exciting, new features. This article is designed to explore these features.

  • Security Health Check

The settings of Umbraco 9.2 now have a security health check. This will pup up a warning if you are yet to set the UmbracoApplicationUrl. In response to this warning, Umbraco recommends that you set the UmbracoApplicationUrl to your preferred hostname. Else, Umbraco will automatically use the most recent hostname to request the application URL configuration. For more information, why not check the documentation here?

  • Markdown for Property Descriptions

The Log Viewer has been improved with new features, Umbraco MVP – Soren Kottal is the mastermind behind these improvements. The newly added feature now allows users to write out simple markdown in property descriptions. It is now possible to add italics, bold, [Links](links), ![images](url). Also, there are provisions for adding more descriptions.

  • Update Dependencies

The previous version of ImageSharp.Web had users report that custom crops were not created accurately. To cater to this deficiency, ImageSharp.Web has been updated to version 1.0.4. In version 1.0.4, the order of processors in the query string will now determine how ImageSharp.Web processes image.

  • Improved Log Viewer

A member of the Umbraco Team – Soren worked to improve the User Interface of the Backoffice log viewer.  This resulted in a friendlier user interface. Improvements and upgrades are high on the priority list of the Umbraco team, no wonder they dig into logs to point out potential issues and ensure that things are working fine.

  • Member properties added to content App

The problem with required member properties has been solved with this feature.  Member properties that were previously part of the member Group have been added to Content App. Therefore, handling tabs and groups for custom properties now functions appropriately. In previous versions, the member groups, email, login, and password were displayed in fixed properties group that was below existing groups. A generic tab is used to show groups and moving it elsewhere would be impossible. An enhanced experience has been created in Umbraco 9.2 by moving fields to their Member Content App.

Huge thanks to the community, they contributed 41 of the 59 bug fixes and feature additions that were included in Umbraco 9.2. These excellent additions were made by 21 different contributors. It’s a simple process, Umbraco cloud customers can get their hands on Umbraco 9.2 in less than 5 minutes. Here are the steps to follow.

  • Click “Manage Environment” and add a development environment to your project.
  • Restore content to the development environment.
  • Make sure the development environment is set up with no pending changes, Umbraco 9.2 update is now ready.
  • Click the upgrade available button and the auto-upgrader will take over.
  • When you confirm that your development environment is fine.

Deploy the upgrade to the next environment and enjoy the aforementioned new features.

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