Sitecore Product Comparison: Sitecore SXA vs Sitecore JSS

High Score Labs News   •   Mar 30, 2022

In recent years Sitecore as a product evolved from web CMS to full-fledged DXP providing variety of unique features.

According to Gartner, DXPs are “an integrated set of technologies, based on a common platform, that provides a broad range of audiences with consistent, secure and personalized access to information and applications across many digital touchpoint. They combine and coordinate applications, including content management, search and navigation, personalization, integration and aggregation, collaboration, workflow, analytics, mobile and multichannel support.”

Sitecore introduced other two modules which can become next BIG thing in context of large-scale enterprise level DXP. Sitecore SXA and Sitecore JSS. We are going to do comparison of these two products from Sitecore. Sitecore SXA and Sitecore JSS (Headless) with its development approach we should choose while creating a project. Before getting to a conclusion, it is important to understand these two and what they are actually capable of individually and together.

Which one is best for development point of view?

The answer what it suits your requirement Sitecore with SXA or Sitecore with JSS or Mix of both. There are no restrictions to make a website to one or the other, when you can have them running side-by-side or site-by-site. At High Score Labs, we’ve been working closely with clients on developing high-end website and application for each approach and matching them appropriately.

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