Umbraco CMS Acquired by Software Investor Monterro

High Score Labs News   •   Feb 15, 2022

On August 17th, 2021, Content Management Systems supplier Umbraco announced newfound operational and financial backing from Swedish software growth investor Monterro whom had acquired majority stakes in the Danish CMS provider. Find out what this new relationship means for the future of Umbraco’s user-favorite open-source CMS in this article.


Umbraco was launched in 2005 and has consistently delivered helpful solutions for companies and content marketers across Europe and the United States. In fact, more than 700,000 websites worldwide run on Umbraco’s solutions including Umbraco Cloud, Umbraco Heartcore (a headless CMS), Umbraco Uno, and the flagship open-source CMS Umbraco CMS. These websites include those of JP Morgan, NFL, American Homes 4 Rent, State of New York, etc.

All of these have been made possible with help from its active community of over 220,000 members and a large network of partners offering customized solutions that integrate with Umbraco. Umbraco currently has 100 employees and is headquartered in Odense, Denmark.


Monterro has been helping Nordic companies turn into global giants since 2012. The Swedish software investor has completed 17 investments and 17 add-on investments so far including operational experience from successfully developing and running companies like Pointsec, Orc Software and EPiServer (a CMS vendor now known as Optimizely).

Monterro Brings Years of Experience

Monterro’s positive experience with open-source software and the CMS industry, through involvement with EPiServer and the likes, has forged the investor with the vision for driving Umbraco CMS towards global reach. Umbraco’s lifelong vision of making the complex simpler coupled with its impressive community of users and developers working to provide additional interventions played a huge part in attracting Monterro to the company and Monterro will look to improve this strategy towards achieving worldwide reach and usage.

Same Direction, New Possibilities

Despite the new developments in ownership structure, Monterro plans to keep Umbraco’s leadership intact, except for founder Niels Hartvig who will vacate the company to look for other opportunities. CEO Kim Sneum Madsen will continue to lead the Umbraco team as they work closely with their open-source community and Monterro’s financial and operational backing to bring the Umbraco family of user-friendly and robust CMS platforms to a greater portfolio of companies in more countries.

Umbraco currently offers a range of flexible, user-friendly CMS and cloud solutions. If you are already a user, have confidence that Umbraco will retain and expand all it’s amazing features.  If you are not yet familiar with Umbraco, you may check them out on the Umbraco website. With Monterro’s investment, things can only get better.

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