Best Practices for Landing Page Optimization

High Score Labs News   •   Jan 26, 2022

Your landing page is one of the most important parts of your website. It’s the first page visitors see on your website when they arrive from your social media or other channels. It also serves a major purpose; that of converting your visitors into legitimate leads. So, when your landing page isn’t serving this purpose properly, it might be time to make some alterations.

This article is designed to help you discover best practices for landing page optimization. It’ll open your eyes to areas you need to be paying more attention, and how to give them the needed attention.

●    Prepare Adequately

The most crucial step in successfully optimizing your landing page is the one you take before the actual optimization exercise. Adequate preparation will ensure your efforts aren’t just aimed at the wind. So, prepare for the optimization exercise by using the right tools to find out which aspects of your landing page are converting and which aren’t.

For instance, heat maps, scroll maps, confetti maps, and overlay reports all show you which landing page elements get the most action. Use tools like these to gain good insight into your visitor’s behaviors on your landing page, and you’ll be best equipped to improve it.

●    Make the Most of Above-the-Fold Elements

This describes the upper half of the page, the one that’s immediately visible to the viewer without having to scroll. From a marketing perspective, this space is the most important piece of real estate you have. Use it to the full. That is not to say you should cram too much in this space. It makes your landing page look messy and obscures your Call To Action(CTA).

Instead, include your headline, short and unique copy, and most importantly, your call to action. Use directional cues such as arrows and color contrasts to direct visitors to other content below the fold. Contrasting colors are also good for directing attention to your CTA, when properly used.

●    Use Compelling Copy

Your landing page serves a simple purpose – welcoming visitors from your ad campaigns and ensuring they stay. Thus, you need to convey your offer as clearly as possible. This involves more than maximizing above-the-fold elements.

You need a compelling copy to maximize the effects of your other landing page elements. Think about how your customers want to feel about themselves. Then ask yourself, and a few friends, if your copy makes you, and them, feel that way.

Keep it simple, too. While some businesses need a lengthy copy, you’ll benefit most from a short, precise, and clear copy.

●    A-B Testing

It’s impossible to build a perfect landing page, one that converts all of your visitors and does so forever. It takes a pleasant mix of different copies, imaging, and other visual cues to design good landing pages.

Even then, you need to keep testing different elements to see what could work better, or what is best left the same. As you test, remember to keep your landing page consistent with your ads and marketing campaigns; it reassures visitors that they’re still within the same brand.

There you have our top picks of best practices for landing page optimization. Adhere to them as much as possible and we’re sure your conversion rate will increase drastically.

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