Acquia to acquire Widen, advancing Acquia open Digital Experience Platform

High Score Labs News   •   Dec 14, 2021

In September 2021, Acquia announced intentions to acquire Widen, a dev company specializing in cloud-native, digital asset management (DAM), and product information management (PIM) software. The merger will provide solid ground for collaboration, coordination, and complete control of the existing digital content lifecycle.

Widen cloud-based DAM, and PIM software provides an intuitive interface for brands to manage digital assets such as media, product information, and marketing copy in a single workflow. Acquia empowers brands to create digital customer experiences that engage, convert, and retain customers. Therefore, the collaboration offers exciting prospects for marketers and website builders, enabling them to create richer customer experiences using Acquia Open Digital Experience Platform (DXP).

Why Widen?

Personalizing customer engagements at scale requires brands to generate colossal volumes of digital content. To sort through this data would take businesses a lot of time. However, the DAM simplifies the task, allowing marketers access to the content and managing versions and workflow for consistency. With the shift in focus towards digital experience, brands must now combine the DAM capabilities with PIM solutions that enrich product data with marketing copy and other digital assets to easily create branded product content.

Most existing Martech stacks do not possess the capabilities to handle these tasks effectively. However, Widen’s cloud-based DAM and PIM solutions display proficiency at doing so, combining their capabilities to help organizations design and enhance rich digital experiences based on and keeping pace with customers’ ever-evolving preferences. Acquia saw this fertile opportunity to improve Acquia Open DXP and provide more value to Acquia Marketing Cloud and Drupal Cloud customers and aren’t letting it slip past them.


Widen solutions specialize in simplifying the process of content creation, review, management, distribution, and analysis for marketers throughout the content lifecycle. They can support complex marketing workflows and enterprise DXP requirements that go beyond simply managing creative assets, but include storing unstructured data such as legal documents, insurance claims, and contact lists. This owes in large part to the solutions’ design and architecture.


Running on open-source Drupal, Acquia’s DXP enables thousands of marketers, developers, and IT teams around the world to rapidly compose and develop digital products and services that engage, convert, and retain customers and allow businesses to rise above the competition.

According to the Acquia-Widen deal, Widen will be available as part of Acquia Open DXP or as a standalone offering.

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