How B2B companies can up-level ecommerce with Episerver product recommendation

High Score Labs News   •   Jun 29, 2021

Now you have created your eCommerce website, it’s time to rest and watch the dollars roll in. Do you have a system in place for delivering remarkable, targeted, precise, and personalized experience to each user that visits your site? If no? Then, it’s not time to relax. Here are some ways Episerver Product Recommendations can help you nail that tricky aspect of eCommerce.

Episerver Product Recommendations: What is it? What can it do?

Episerver Product Recommendations applies Episerver’s machine learning algorithm to deliver personalized product recommendations to site visitors in real-time. The recommendations are influenced by the visitor’s real-time behavior on your website, order history, and similar parameters. To achieve this, Product Recommendations collects and utilizes these two categories of data;

  • Catalog Data

Data from your website e.g., products, prices, categories, etc.

  • Customer Behavior Data

This consists of pages and products your customers view, items they added to the cart, items they checked out, search queries, etc.

Both data categories are fed into a profile store. Additionally, their offline order history data – which must be an important part of your B2B omnichannel strategy is accessed and fed into the profile store. Here, the link between customers and the appropriate product recommendations is made. Using this profile store, Products Recommendations can send fitting recommendations to your customers on their desktops, in your mobile apps, via email, etc. The profile store also supplies metrics into your Products Recommendations performance dashboard so you can track your success.

Product Recommendations are applied on your web pages using widgets. Simply add the widgets to areas of your site where customers are making purchasing decisions such as order confirmation, their carts, or pages where they’re just browsing such as the homepage or search results.

How Episerver Product Recommendations can Benefit Your B2B Company?

Episerver Product Recommendations tool can do your eCommerce strategy a world of good. Here are some of the benefits you will reap:

  • Drive engagement

Product Recommendations utilizes users’ sessions and even minute details such as time of day and channel to deliver relevant and data-driven recommendations. Think about it. You can predict your customer’s needs even before they do. This will increase the chances of your site visitors engaging with your CTAs, and making purchases on your website. You will also experience positive impacts on your KPIs such as time on website, generated leads, conversions, etc.

  • Amplify team efficiencies

If you’ve ever tried to manually carry out product recommendations, you know how cumbersome the task is. It requires a team to draw out difficult plans and rules that are even more arduous to maintain. With Episerver Product Recommendations, you can take this burden off your team’s shoulders and allow the machine learning algorithm optimize for the best product. This will, in turn, allow your team to focus on increasing their efficiency in carrying out other important tasks.

  • Drive revenue

Product Recommendations exposes customers to the breadth of your catalog, increases conversion rate, grows revenue from abandoned carts, and more. All these, in turn, drive revenue for your business.

Episerver Product Recommendations is designed to help businesses increase sales. It’s totally worth leveraging this wonderful tool to improve your ecommerce strategies. Then, you can relax a bit and watch the dollars roll in – for now, at least.

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