Eight Factors of Happiness for Developers

High Score Labs News   •   May 22, 2021

While providing ingenious solutions to problems might not be too tricky for a proficient developer. It’s pretty easy to slide into negativity. These eight factors of happiness will provide practical, helpful information to help developers maintain positive vibes.

  1. Let Go of Resentment

Nursing a grudge against a colleague or project teammate is a leading cause of unhappiness for developers. This unhappiness will tell on your work. So, look for processes or techniques that can help purge yourself of negative emotions and drive positive ones to the forefront.

  1. Accept Change

During a developer’s career, changes are bound to occur. Some of these will be minute and will not have profound effects on the developer. On the other hand, some changes may come along with massive inconveniences. Accepting change with an open mind and devising new ways to tackle old challenges can help you keep your happiness.

  1. Stay Connected to Reality

Long hours in front of a computer may force a developer to become reclusive. Meanwhile, being the social beings we are, reclusiveness and lack of social interactions can make developers lose their happiness. However, frequent involvement in non-secular activities will keep life eventful and exciting. It allows time to relax and detoxify oneself from stress.

  1. Avoid Living in the Past

Dwelling on past mistakes or seemingly better times is another factor that can rob developers of joy. It’s stressful, unproductive, and can result in depression. Remember, however, that those better times often only seem that way. Instead of letting your setbacks draw you back, learn from the setback and turn the experience into motivation.

  1. Set Realistic Goals and Deadlines

Have you heard the saying, “Aim for the moon; if you miss, at least you’re among the stars”? It doesn’t apply to software development. Development in itself is pretty tedious and time-consuming, so why create even bigger problems for yourself? Always be realistic with your goals and deadlines.

  1. Be Virtuous

Dealing with computers for so long can cloud a developer’s sense of politeness to other humans. However, we’re not machines. Hence, look for ways to show sincere personal interest and love for fellow employees. You’ll gain good friends and regain your happiness.

  1. Show Empathy

Ever had a problem with some code and had to post a Stack Overflow question about it? How did you feel about the kind people who came to your help? Now, you do the same for others. Avoid ridiculing them and their questions, no matter how dumb it may sound. Also, be empathetic when giving code reviews. Avoid breaking the morale of some upcoming developers just for gags.

  1. Think Outside of Yourself

Doing things for others, such as using your tech skills to help them out, makes you feel like a part of something bigger and can help you fan the embers of your happiness.

If your embers of happiness are waning, do well to follow the suggestions and watch as the fire gets rekindled. As you gain more happiness, you’ll glow like a bright fire and warm up the people around you.

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