4 reasons to choose a headless Content Management System

High Score Labs News   •   Jan 5, 2021

A headless CMS, also known as API-first CMS, is a content management system that allows you to create and manage content, and then displays said content in any form and on any channel through which it will be accessed using an Application Programming Interface (API). 

You must have heard that they are fast becoming the trend for content management. But why are more business owners and developers making the switch? This article discusses four reasons why more business owners and developers are choosing headless CMS, and why you should too.

  • Same Content Utilized in Different Channels

Consider how conventional CMSs are built. Using coupled architecture, conventional CMSs are coupled with your site templates and custom code. This is because CMSs were built to manage content on your website since that was the only way such content could be accessed. Hence, whenever the content is displayed, it takes the traditional page model allowed by your templates. 

However, we live in a world where we consume content in different forms across different channels, not just via web pages. Hence, new CMS models that offer flexibility in the content display were required. A system where content could be pulled from a central reservoir and displayed in a way that’s custom to the channel through which it will be consumed. A headless CMS allows you to adopt this omnichannel approach and display content seamlessly via different channels. 

  • Headless CMS Doesn’t Set Limits on Frameworks

Don’t get things twisted; conventional CMSs are customizable. However, the kind of customization required in today’s multichannel world would break a conventional CMS. They have limits in content coupling and display.

Conversely, a headless CMS does not have these limits on how much customization can be carried out on it. It can be made to function as an iPad application, integrate with your website’s backend management software, and sync with systems from other websites. Conventional CMS can’t handle such customizations. Hence, if continuous tweaking and customization is a goal, headless CMS is your best bet.

  • Content Creation Begins Immediately

With headless CMS, content creation is an instant process. Your team can design its own unique content authoring interface, thus offering content creators greater control over the look of the content. This is harder to achieve within the rigid pre-existing structures of a conventional CMS. You can use the same content on different channels, and break this existing content into smaller bits for use across all your different channels. 

  • Custom Frontend Can Be Light or Heavy

Another advantage of using a headless CMS is the freedom it gives the frontend developer. Headless CMSs have been described as frontend framework agnostic. This simply refers to the frontend framework flexibility of headless CMS and means that any approach can be taken with the frontend framework. A frontend developer can choose to make the frontend framework light or heavy without any blowbacks to the CMS or users’ experience.


Headless CMS is currently changing the way business owners, marketers and developers view content management. It offers a wide variety of options for your business and helps you take advantage of an omnichannel approach to content presentation. If you want to apply these advantages to your business, you should make the switch to headless CMS.

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