Is Acquia the right platform choice?

High Score Labs News   •   Nov 30, 2020

Not every establishment understands why they must choose a unique, modern, seamless digital experience platform (DXP) for their business or company. Well, it’s basically to facilitate the realization of business goals. It is the aim of every organization to connect clients and prospective clients with their brand, and of course, your establishment is not excluded. A seamless digital experience will keep your audience or clients “begging for more”.

However, failure to carry out background checks on the appropriate Digital Experience Platform for your enterprise might result in an array of consequences. You need to make informed decisions about the platform you will choose. Through a brief explanation of the features and benefits attached to choosing Acquia, this article will help you find out if Acquia is an appropriate DXP for your business.

Benefits of Acquia

  • Opportunity to collaborate with the world’s most prominent brands.

Do you know that Acquia is the preferred DXP of over thirty fortune 100 companies? Acquia provides digital experience for prominent brands including Nike, Liverpool FC, Philip Morries and so much more. Therefore, making Acquia your DXP of choice will allow you to collaborate with these giant companies. 

  • Commitment to Efficiency

Acquia is committed to efficiency, and this is exemplified in its delivery of premium quality digital experiences, which is delivered in a short time. It’s quite different from other closed legacy systems that often find it difficult to keep up with our rapidly changing digital world. With Acquia, users are given the liberty to add future digital improvements without battling with complex digital challenges. 

  • Scalability 

If you want to digitalize your enterprise with a platform that allow users to add more features as they scale their businesses. Then, Acquia is the right platform for you. Acquia helps maintain a scalable technology for businesses. Therefore, giving users hope for a bigger tech system. By choosing Acquia, you will enjoy the opportunity to focus on delivering value to your customers.

Features of Acquia

1) Acquia Cloud: This is a fully managed cloud platform that is well optimized for Drupal. It is highly scalable and well secured. Some of its features include Drupal hosting, development tools, and enterprise-grade security.

2) Acquia Lightning: Here is a Drupal 9 distribution that is equipped with some preselected configurations and modules. It is maintained by Acquia and it was created to help organizations build sites and digitalize their user experience within a short time. 

3) Acquia Digital Asset Management: This cloud-based digital asset management solution is specifically designed to seamlessly integrate with Acquia DXP. Its advantage? Reduction of the production cost of marketing teams and an increase in efficiency. It’s available to help users enjoy a flexible platform for experimental commerce. 

   There are several more features and advantages of choosing Acquia. However, here is something you should keep in mind to help you make the right choice.  Acquia is an appropriate platform for government entities and enterprise-grade clients. It is a very suitable platform for users in need of a powerful, multifunctional, and comprehensive platform that gives room for the optimization of user experiences. However, it may not suitable for small businesses that lack the basic knowledge of programming and Drupal. It is therefore important that you consider the nature of your business before choosing Acquia.

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