6 Reasons to Choose Drupal as The Base of E-commerce Platform 

High Score Labs News   •   Nov 2, 2020

 In a world where social distancing is rife, no one needs a prophet to predict that e-commerce will have a huge role to play in the future of several businesses. In preparation for this certainty, millions of companies worldwide are looking to sell their goods and services online. However, many are left with the question, “which e-commerce solution can position my business in a direction that helps me enjoy future profits?” Drupal Commerce is one of the best options available, it enables companies create an e-commerce solution that helps them outwit their competitors. Here are 6 reasons why you should choose Drupal as your base e-commerce platform. 

1) Multiple Features 

A complete online shop must have several features.  And many of these features must present an outstanding user experience for prospective buyers. On Drupal Commerce, there are out-of-the-box features. Additionally, several features can be enjoyed by installing some modules from the open-source community. Here are a few of the features available: multilingual support, multiple currencies, different order types that  the use of custom offers for transactions, stock management, multiple online stores, discounts & coupons and so much more! 

2) Fully Open Resource

  It is not uncommon to see several e-commerce software companies make common features available as open-source, while the most important features are hidden until payments are made. However, drupal provides 100% open source solutions, every feature including the most important ones is made available to everyone for free. 

3) Secure

Drupal has a team of online security experts that consistently searches for security vulnerabilities and provide upgrades to make the system more secure. Additionally, drupal commerce is designed with its default security. 

4) Flexible 

Drupal Commerce is flexible. It allows you to enjoy virtually every type of e-commerce niche. You can build a more sophisticated online store, sell virtual services, sell goods online, develop a subscription-based portal and so much more. Drupal Commerce flexibility also allows you to scale your e-commerce as you grow your revenue. 

5) Modern APIs 

Drupal 8 was built with the ability to interact and integrate with other systems, and Drupal Commerce is not excluded from this amazing feature. It is therefore no surprise that the restAPIs can engage and connect with other systems with ease. Thanks to Commerce API and Commerce cart API, the former extends the functionality of Drupal JSON, and the latter presents an interface that helps connect with the cart through restAPI. 

6) Support

Irrespective of the size, location, or peculiarity of your project, you can always enjoy support. Several agencies are ready to help you enjoy your Drupal Commerce journey. Note that you are not limited to a particular agency for support, if an agency is not experienced enough to handle your e-commerce journey you can change with ease. There are over 1000 of these agencies on the Drupal marketplace. And High Score Labs is the best of them – just check it out by contact us.


Every feature on Drupal Commerce is free for all, there are loads of features you can install via modules. You can expand the functionality of your store as you grow your e-commerce business. You have a giant community at your disposal! Building your e-commerce solution on Drupal Commerce will definitely be a great choice. Enjoy!

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