5 Best WordPress Plugins to Increase Sharing Your Articles

High Score Labs News   •  Oct 19, 2020

Either you are publishing articles to publicize your business or you are blogging to attract advertisers, it’s definite that making it easy for readers to share your articles will always work to your advantage. 

Articles don’t read themselves, you must get people to read them. Every blogger or business owner must work hard to place their articles in front of the right audience. Why?  The traffic generated from this exposure can create awareness, generate leads, or even convert readers to clients. A significant percent of blogs on the internet use WordPress. If you own a WordPress blog or website, this article will expose you to some WordPress plugins that will make your articles super easy to share.

1) Digg Digg 

What if the share bar on your blog page floats down as your readers enjoy your article? That’s a really ingenious idea! With Digg Digg installed to improve your default WordPress, readers will be reminded to share your articles as they scroll down your page.  Also, if you wouldn’t like to use the sliding share bar, there is an option that allows you to place a share button at the top or bottom of your webpages. Placing a share button like the one presented by Digg Digg can increase the rate at which your articles are shared by 700%. 

2) Simple Reach

The analytic company – SimpleReach, developed a plugin that prompts readers to read more articles from the same website they are reading from. This simple but effective plugin is used by NewYork times to gain a wider readership. The idea behind the development of this plugin came from the fact that readers are likely to be interested in other articles from the same website.  This plugin will increase the staying time of readers on your website and encourage your audience to share articles with ease.

3)  Facebook Commenting Plugin 

About half a million blogs use Facebook Commenting Plugin  on the internet. The beautiful thing about this plugin is the fact that it’s very easy to setup. Commenting with this plugin gives future readers the opportunity to interact with your content effectively. While commenting with this plugin, readers have the opportunity to post on their Facebook timelines and comment simultaneously. 

4) W3 Total Cache 

This plugin will help your webpage load at the speed of light.  Information from the company’s website indicates that by installing W3 Total Cache, your website loading speed may increase by as much as 10 times. 

5) Social Metrics

Looking to track and monitor how well your articles are being shared on every social media platform? The social metrics plugin will get the job done.  Social Metrics is designed to help you track how well your articles are doing on the internet. This plugin will present various valuable metrics. And the metrics will help you know what is working for you and what is not. 

By installing any of the 5 aforementioned plugins, you stand a chance to skyrocket the rate at which your articles are shared online. 

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