Why Drupal is The Best Headless CMS?

High Score Labs News   •   Oct 12, 2020

Many organizations use headless CMS platforms for various reasons. Some enjoy the way it gives room for easy and secure integration with various existing systems, while others are in love with the fact that they can shift their entire focus to the administrative interface of their CMS.

There are several “Backend only” or headless Content Management Systems and Drupal is just one of them. You may wonder, why is Drupal the best headless CMS? This article will discuss 4 important reasons. 

1) Drupal has evolved into a dependable and mature headless CMS platform

Drupal has been around for a while, and it is supported by a large community of proficient developers. This makes it mature, dependable, and reliable. If you are looking to invest in a headless CMS that will be available to meet your website needs for several years, then, Drupal is the best for you. You can extend its base functionality by installing an extra piece of code called a module. It is also important to note that most of the codes you may need are already written by expert developers. All you need do is combine these already existing codes and enjoy!

2) Vast Vendor Support

   One important factor you should consider while choosing a headless CMS platform is Support. You need to be sure that you’ll get the needed support whenever necessary. Drupal is outstanding in this regard, there are several Drupal agencies that are available to provide Drupal support. Remember, the more agencies available, the easier it becomes to connect with one.  It wouldn’t be a huge challenge to find the required professional to run, develop, or maintain your project. Just contact High Score Labs and we’ll help you with Drupal issues. Going for a new, inexperienced headless CMS platform will make it difficult for you to find a suitable vendor — one that has the needed level of experience to handle your project.

3) The REST APIs are deeply embedded into Drupal

There is outstanding, deep integration in Drupal. This allows the REST APIs to be extendable, making it possible to alter their mode of operation. This gives developers the ability to shape, and determine how they want the APIs to work.

With Drupal headless CMS, the REST API is not coupled with Drupal as an add-on. Rather, the API is deeply embedded into the content management system. Therefore, users interacting with the CMS through a browser will also be interacting with the API. This unique form of interaction is beneficial for several reasons.

4) Amazing tutorials and practical examples

With Drupal headless CMS, new users are not left in the dark, there are detailed tutorials and examples that are meant to help them learn. Also, there is a large community filled with various enthusiastic veterans who are always willing to suggest practical solutions to problems faced by new users onboard. 


Investing in just any headless CMS does not guarantee any lasting benefit. You should endeavor to invest in a headless CMS that is flexible, adaptable, and robust.

Of course, there are several options, however, when looking to enjoy a mature and dependable headless CMS over a long period of time, Drupal headless CMS is definitely the best. 

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