5 Reasons Why You Should Use WordPress for Your Website

High Score Labs News   •   Oct 5, 2020

WordPress is just one of about 60 PHP-powered, Content Management Systems. Many may wonder, if WordPress is just 1 of 60, what made it utterly unique? Why are over 450 million websites powered by WordPress? 

The goal of every website owner is to find a way to connect with front-end users, send out content with ease, and enjoy adequate engagement. Virtually every CMS platform in the world promises heaven and earth when it comes to helping companies, businesses, bloggers and organizations achieve their goals. However, very few live up to expectations. And WordPress is one of those few. On the list of the top 10 CMS platforms on the internet, WordPress ranks 1st, and the number of websites powered by WordPress doubles an addition of every website powered by the 9 remaining CMS platforms altogether. 

Obviously, WordPress stands taller than other CMS platforms and this article will explore 5 important reasons why you should use WordPress for your website

1) Free

Free! Does this sound too good to be true? How could the best be free? Yes, WordPress is free! You need not pay any fee to have your website powered by WordPress. Not even a penny! And you can customize it to suit your needs at no cost. You can download, install, and enjoy the services of this amazing CMS platform with ease. One of the main reasons why this is possible is the fact that it’s open-source. Although the software is free, you will need to spend some few bucks on a hosting service and a domain name. 

2) Easy to Customize

One of the most impressive things about WordPress is the user-friendliness displayed by its themes and plugins. People with no coding or programming skills can customize their websites with these themes and plugins, without seeking the help of a web designer. On WordPress, several website templates are available to be installed with just one click. The flexible nature of these templates is commendable. It is therefore noteworthy that there is always a template to be used for whatever purpose you have in mind.

3) Safe and Secure

By default, WordPress is designed to protect itself from malicious attacks from intruders. Therefore, it will be difficult for a WordPress website to be hacked. However, you must take adequate precautionary measures to guard against phishing attempts and malware. 

4) SEO Friendly

The ability to show up high on SERP (Search Engine Result Page) is very important. Due to the high-quality codes that were used to design WordPress, getting WordPress web pages to rank high on Google algorithm is pretty easy. What a competitive advantage for blogs, businesses, organizations, and agencies using the CMS platform. WordPress is designed in such a way that allows webpages rank for specific keywords. Various plugins that help websites enjoy more visibility online are also available on WordPress. 

5) Different Media Types

WordPress is designed to display a wide range of media types. These include videos, audios, images, texts, and URLs from every social media platform or website. 

Make WordPress your CMS platform of choice and enjoy a firsthand experience of these amazing benefits. 

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