10 Advantages of .NET Core


High Score Labs News   •   Sep 28, 2020

Tech oriented business professionals worldwide often endeavor to fill the gaps existing in our digital marketplaces. They come up with technical ideas that calls for the use of the latest tools. To bring these ideas to life, Developers must administer optimum solutions in the most creative and cost effective ways (optimality). .NET core as a web application development framework goes along with this philosophy of optimality – “least cost, maximum profit” for users. 

Here are 10 advantages of developing a web application on this C# based platform.

  1. Cross Platform 

Every organisation or business deserves an application that has the ability to operate on a wide variety of platforms. This energy saving flexibility is exactly what .NET core brings to the table. When looking to switch an app between any of these, namely: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android… .NET core is the right choice.

  1. Open source

Using an open source framework is the most cost effective approach to developing a web application. Hence, resources can easily be diverted to other aspect of a web application development project. Creative inputs from developers worldwide is also helpful.

  1. Wide Range of Application Types

An excellent web application development framework must create a digital ecosystem that supports apps on different domains. The .NET framework supports various types of apps on a wide variety of domains. These include AI, gaming, mobile and so much more.

  1. Top app performance

Every newly released version of .NET core is always an improved version of the previous .NET core. When a business hinging on an application suddenly faces a need to scale up, a. NET core framework is often very helpful.

  1. Cost effective

We make several decisions while developing web applications. Thus, decisions concerning the tools and IDEs to use depends hugely on budget. By deciding to choose the .NET framework money invested has more likelihood of yielding greater ROI.

  1. Large community

The sizeable community of .NET core is a coalition of proficient developers and business enthusiasts. These huge number of professionals available for. NET core makes it obvious that the platform is filled with loads of opportunities and innovative ideas. 

  1. Created by Microsoft

Microsoft will surely make sure that ingenious contributions from developers worldwide will eventually become widely known. Being created by Microsoft of course makes .NET core more dependable.

  1. Enables flexibility

Every organization deserves the right to evolve into being more prominent & productive. A change in goal might create a need for a slightly improved type of app. Businesses need not worry about potential growth as .NET core allows applications take advantage of previously unknown technologies.

  1. Increased security

We need not bother companies and businesses about the complexities of securing personal data or confidential information. Thanks to the sophisticated mechanisms of .NET core which ensures that apps are securely built. 

    10) Mature framework and widely used programming languages.

Since 2002, the .NET framework has evolved into something mature. Using the 3rd most influential programming language in the world (C#). Developers can easily become experts in using other programming languages like Javascipt and TypeScript because of their knowledge of C#.


By developing your Mobile App with .NET core, you stand a chance to enjoy all the aforementioned advantages along with a huge return on investments (ROI). 

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