9 best Drupal 8 modules for users

High Score Labs News   •   Sep 1, 2020

It’s sometimes an awesome idea to install an extra piece of code along with the conventional Drupal 8. Drupal modules are analogous to WordPress plugins. Basically, the function of a module is to add extra beautiful features that enhances the functionality of a website.

Drupal.org declared that Drupal 8 is still very much in use till November 2020. Hence, here are 9 carefully chosen modules that every organization or business can enjoy along with Drupal 8.

1) Paragraphs

Paragraph as a Drupal 8 module help users without coding experience churn out content and create flexible pages. With Paragraph, back-end users can create complex content without writing ambiguous HTML codes. Paragraph ensures that editing content is seamless. 

2) GraphQL

As one of the most cherished modules in the Drupal community. GraphQL is an absolute marvel to enjoy. How? GraphQL help users transfer content from their websites to any front-end software that needs it. The most beautiful thing about GraphQL is its ability to make front-end applications send their request directly to the site, even when the website does not show what is available.

3) Display Suite

Any website owner that loves to arrange content in a visually appealing way should install Display Suite. To create the desired layout, simply drag and drop your fields on any location on your page. 

4) Rabbit Hole

No user enjoys incomplete or empty looking pages on a website. What Rabbit hole does is help website owners ensure that these empty pages are not accessible. For a clean, well-organized website, Rabbit hole is the right module to install.

5) MMenu

Mmenu is a module saddled with the responsibility to create a mobile friendly navigation experience for users. It automatically helps generate a menu that displays horizontally whenever appropriate.

6) Pathauto & Redirect

Every website owner that enjoys saving time should definitely give Pathauto & Redirect a try. It helps generate several URLs based on some certain rules. Instead of the manual approach, Pathauto & Redirect makes the generation of bulk URLs easy and fast.

7) Webform

Every Drupal using organization that wants users to fill forms on their website will definitely enjoy this module. It presents a beautiful way to fill and submit forms.

8) Coffee

Having absolute control over your admin area is always a delightful idea. Coffee helps back-end users navigate the admin area with the keyboard. Why install Coffee? Easy and fast navigation with keyboards, which is faster than the use of a mouse.

9) File Entity Browser

Every back-end Drupal 8 user that enjoys a gallery-style file manager look would definitely enjoy this module. It helps upload several files at ones. With this module, used images can easily be used again. Instead of using the time wasting technique of uploading images one by one, all an editor need do is drag-and-drop images.


Making an abrupt decision to install just about any extra piece of code along with Drupal 8 might be counterproductive. Indiscriminate installation of modules can create some distasteful inconsistencies. Hence, by implementing the use of the 9 aforementioned modules, organizations and businesses can create an unrivalled experience for front-end users and employees.

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