Drupal 9 – What’s new?

High Score Labs News   •   Aug 25, 2020

Once upon a nightmare, the world of back-end users were plagued with the menace of writing codes for virtually everything that front-end users would enjoy. It was awful and this whirlwind of complications were not only time-consuming but also mentally draining. Drupal – a platform at the forefront of a prospective digital transition brought a global dream to reality. They produced Content Management Systems that made the creation and management of websites utterly simple. Starting from Drupal 5 to the newest Drupal 9, Drupal have always improved their initial versions. However, many organizations and businesses are left with a question – Why Drupal 9? Here are 4 additional features of Drupal 9. 

1) New Default Theme Olivero

For front-end users, nothing is as amazing as a pleasant mix of a well crafted content and a beautifully designed theme. With Olivero, Drupal users worldwide can confidently say goodbye to out-of-date front-end graphics. Olivero has some amazing features. These include:

  • An elegant, professional appearance 
  • Topnotch mobile friendliness
  • Support for physically impaired people. This was implemented  to avoid contravening the laws of WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines).
  • Attractive, modern combination of colors that correlates with Drupal’s brand color. 
  • Right to left text direction support to make Drupal go absolutely multilingual. Languages like Arabic and Aramaic are now supported by Drupal. 

2) Easy Upgrade from Drupal 8

Upgrading a version of Drupal have never been this easy. According to Drupal.org, the easy upgrade of websites from Drupal 8 to Drupal 9 was called a standout feature. The database updates needed to move from the previous versions to Drupal 9.0.x is now easier to handle. The number of required updates needed to achieve the major update is now reduced.

3) Community Support and Security Fixes After November 2021

Although some may have their reservations, the arrival of Drupal 9 is for “the global good”. By November 2021, Drupal 9 will be supported with loads of security fixes. These will enable websites with Drupal 9 enjoy maximum cyber security. This will protect against a wide range of bots and malware programs.

4) The latest Symfony, Composer, Twig, PHP, CKEditor, etc.

The most notable third-party updates for Drupal 9 are clear in the way Drupal 9 embraces the latest Symfony, Composer, Twig, PHP, CKEditor …

November 2021 will likewise bring an end to Symfony 3, therefore, Drupal 9 will be updated to Symfony 4.4. Unlike Symfony 3, they will not bring the use of Twig 1 to an end by November 2021. However, for the sake of going along with the latest Twig version. Drupal 9 will implement the use of Twig 2. Drupal 9 supports the use of PHPunit 8, more updates will likely be implemented according to the support provided by PHP. CKEditor 4 currently goes along with Drupal 8 & 9, however, there are plans to include only CKEditor 5 in future versions of Drupal 9. A less noticeable upgrade came along with Drupal 9’s composer.


With these amazing features, Drupal 9 users will definitely come up with loads of success stories. With Drupal, the boat of technological advancement is constantly afloat. Therefore, benefiting organizations and businesses should endeavor to move at the same pace with this unique CMS platform.

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