Top 5 interesting AI trends in 2020

High Score Labs News   •   Jul 28, 2020

The fourth industrial revolution – artificial intelligence (AI), has opened a gateway to a new world in human development – integrating the extraordinary technological developments in an advanced automated future and put a human face on technology is being encountered by all of us from morning till night. Let’s look at some top AI trends of 2020.

  1. More personalization

No one understands you better than AI. Personalization is one of the most promising trends in AI that is emerging to be disruptive. Many tech powerhouses already employing real-time personalization. The web is inching towards delivering the level of personalization the user demands with the help of AI by using the user’s behaviour data and other relevant information.

Scrapping information, delivering precise answers, scheduling appointments, and remembering your search patters and requests are all wonders of AI. Personalization leads to more engaging experiences that can attract more high-value users. 

  1. More devices with AI-powered technology

More than 4 billion devices already work on AI-powered voice assistants and close to 7 billion devices are expected to carry AI-powered voice assistants in future. With the hardware and the expertise cost to deploy AI is easily available and less expensive, a high rise in AI-powered devices and gadgets is expected. Moreover, this technology will be incorporated into various devices like vehicles, home appliances, and workplace smart tools for the workplace. 

  1. Cooperation between AI and human

AI may appear to be a potential threat that can replace human in their jobs. However, the fact is AI is enabling the already intelligent humans to do smart work and not hard work and accomplish more by collaborating with smart AI-powered software and tools. 

This cooperation is going to intensify in the near future where a greater number of AI-backed tools will be developed to empower us to make the most of our skills.

  1. AI in cybersecurity

Hacking, phishing, and social engineering attacks have grown to become more sophisticated with technological advances. With the help of AI, detecting a fraud via algorithms that monitor your transactions and notice unusual activity is now easy. Artificial Intelligence and machine learning are the future of banking as advanced data analytics teams up to battle against fraudulent transactions and improve compliance.

  1. AI for creating films, music, and games.

In 2018, AI capsized the entertainment sector across gaming, films, music and arts. The gaming industry was the first in media and entertainment to adopt AI and it will proceed to be employed to develop games with challenging, human-like opponents and adjust gameplay and difficulty dynamically for games to deliver a compelling gaming experience.

Moreover, the use of AI in creating brand new and convincing visual effects is likely to become more prevalent. And, when it comes to music, AI outshines in producing dynamic soundscapes, the smart playlists that match the tunes to your mood. 

To conclude, AI continues its rapid arc of development and is growing at a breakneck speed and has found its way into the heart of businesses by empowering machines to perform tasks the way humans do and by recognizing patterns in high volumes of data, employing advanced technologies.  AI with its widespan of capabilities and aforementioned trends is all set to be the major game-changer.

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