Drupal as an effective EM system

High Score Labs News   •   June 23, 2020

4 seconds, that’s all some companies have to get the right content across to customers. The moment there is a lack of interaction between an organization and her customers, her brand will start to loose credibility. Interactions between companies and consumers must be seamlessly integrated and devoid of every form of complexity. Vital messages must be accurately conveyed and presented with the right interface.

Every company must have a detailed record of whom they’ve communicated with, and who needs to be communicated with. This network of interactions between brands and consumers must be tracked and closely monitored.

Problem solving ability and prominent users of Drupal.
Drupal, a content management software is used to make many of the websites we see today. As an experience management system of choice for elite organizations like Tesla, Pfizer, and Cross Blu Shield. Drupal is used by United States, France and London to communicate with citizens.
Media organizations like BBC, and MTV rely on Drupal to inform and entertain the world. Here are 5 reasons why Drupal is an effective experience management system.

1) Flexibility and Modularity
With over 1,000,000 professionals coming together to contribute to its flexible mode of operation. It is not surprising that Drupal is flexible. It’s modularity – ability to be divided into much simpler modules is impressive. One amazing thing about Drupal is the fact that it’s easy for modules to get integrated with similar modules. This makes the work of developers super easy. With Drupal, communication between developers in the coding world is seamless.

2) Easy Content creation
Although it’s gradually becoming a cliché. The “Content is King” expression is still very much relevant. The internet as a digital space has made content creation and delivery the backbone of every information driven establishment. Thanks to Drupal’s responsive and intricately designed interface, organizations can enjoy an easy, fast and free means of creating content.

3) Connection of Drupal with other softwares
Companies become proficient in achieving their goals when the “team spirit” is not only limited to employers and employees. Softwares must also have the “team spirit” and Drupal is there to cater for this need. High Profile Organizations including Tesla and Pfizer are greatful for Drupal’s built-in integration tools.

4) Enable Developers create adaptable sites and applications
In an official statement released by Drupal in 2015, they said Drupal was re-engineered to enable developers to create amazing websites and applications that functions perfectly on virtually every modern device. With this development, millions of internet users can have a beautiful experience.

5) Multilingual Support
Language is no longer a barrier between companies and customers. Thanks to Drupal’s multilingual support system users enjoy a beautiful experience devoid of language impediments.
Free for all, Drupal was specially designed to support organizations and companies aspiring to enjoy an effective experience management system without breaking the bank.

Used by several prominent organizations and enjoyed by great government “engine rooms” like White House Australia. Drupal’s ability to help companies connect with customers is second to none. Having one of the most predominant open source communities in the world and helping organizations create something exceptional for everyone. Drupal is indeed an effective experience management system.

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