Meet the team – Anton Polunichev


High Score Labs News   •   June 8, 2020

Anton has been working in different business areas from manufacturing companies to investment funds. He has leveraged his expertise in marketing, analytics, and social technologies to help companies achieve their strategic goals and gain breakaway success. He knows all about business models, business strategy, financial planning, and digital transformation. In the last project Anton was working, he worked as a strategic consultant in a venture fund where he has continued to develop and refine his skills in logistics, event management, systems, team building, sales, and marketing by gaining valuable experience in many different worldwide projects.

He is a pioneer of new learning and business technologies and understands the challenges that face business owners as they integrate and incorporate changes to their businesses. Creativity, lateral thinking, attention to detail along with focus and clarity are just some of the qualities Anton contributes to his clients.
As a trainer, coach and mentor Anton has great knowledge and expertise. He is both incisive and compassionate, supporting the process of individual and group dynamic breakthroughs with confidence and precision.

Anton formalized his skills in business management & performance. He brings this skill and experience to new businesses and organizational enterprises. He has an understanding of human team dynamics interacting with vision, systems, and practical application in the business culture of today and into our exciting future.

Some questions that Anton can help you with:

  • What are ways to identify a new market to enter?
  • How to scale your sales?
  • What is the preferred strategy for finding business partners?
  • How to stay in touch with existing customers?
  • How to Automate sales in 2020
  • What is the metrics that matter?
  • What is top 15 Useful Digital Marketing Books Every Marketer Should Read

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