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High Score Labs News   •   Jan 24, 2020

In the market today, the ability to deliver relevant content and add value to your customers is of upmost importance! It can even make or break you. With that in mind, this article is going to cover personalization in the context of Episerver. You may have noticed that High Score Labs has been blogging a lot about the framework and for good reason. We believe that it is one of the best tools on the market, allowing marketers and business decision makers not only manage content but drive personalization, adding to the value of your business in the eyes of your customers. What are some of the ways that Episerver adds value like this to your audience? Consider 3 main ways that Episerver can help!

Personalization at your fingertips. One of the strong suites of Episerver is that it allows you to easily implement personalization on your website. Like other CMSs, Episerver builds a page with small chunks of content, called ‘blocks’. You can then easily choose from different strategies available so that that block only shows content that is most relevant to your visitor. It can take into account internalization as well and geoip, especially critical if you have global presence.

Ease of customization. Not only is a lot provided out of the box, a team of savvy Episerver developers can easily customize the existing personalization system, for example, building new custom strategies. Other customizations can be made like building custom criterions. However, Episerver is designed to be simple for non-developers to use which is why it can do so much out of the box.

Commerce focused personalization. When you have a commerce solution, your interaction with your customers through your online presence can have a huge deciding factor on your business. Personalization as part of the commerce package is especially useful. With it you can deliver relevant products to your customer based on what they appear to be interested in using their browsing history and previous purchases. You can also determine which products are displayed to the client using the Perform service, especially useful if trying to clear inventory or run sales to increase traffic.

At High Score Labs, we feel that Episerver is a great tool that can be leveraged to make your online presence even better! With tools like personalization, the integration of machine learning into their product offerings and the overall total cost of ownership and scalability, Episerver is certainly a product to use! With years of knowledge in Episerver, why not contact us at High Score Labs and let use help you succeed!

Watch our walk-through of personalization in episerver!

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