The Basics Of Using Workflows

High Score Labs News   •   May 10, 2017

The Sitecore workflow system is simple to use and integrated into the system. Usually each client has their own workflow that has been set up per their requirements, so these instructions merely refer to the common functions of the workflow and how to use them. For more specifics see the documentation provided by the development team. To use a workflow in CE, do this:

  1. Log into Sitecore and on the dashboard click the Workbox button
  2. In the next screen you will see the workbox
    1. NOTE: if you do not see a workbox, make sure that you select which workbox you wish to look at, by clicking the correct check box in the top left corner of the screen

What you are looking at is the workbox, which will be populated with content that is awaiting approval. What Sitecore does, is when a new item version is created by a content author (Sitecore admin access circumvents this) it will place that item in the beginning state of the workflow. After each approval, it advances till it clears the workbox. Each rejection moves it back to the beginning of the workflow. The out of the box workflow looks like this:

More advanced customization is possible, however that would require development work. The good thing about Sitecore workflows is their ability to be customized and integrated. From automatic translation, integration with 3rd party systems and the possibility of creating ones own workflow provider that fits more demanding requirements for approval processes; Sitecore workflows are extremely useful tools.