Effective collaboration to increase the relevancy of customer engagement

High Score Labs News   •   June 2, 2019

Sitecore has been ever evolving into one of the best experience management systems on the market. One example on why this is true is that in September 2018, Sitecore partnered with Salesforce, one of the world’s best CRM-developers. It is a dream-come-true moment for marketers because they have got a new effective tool for context-based marketing.Effective and efficient integration of Salesforce with adjacent enterprise systems — like Sitecore — is critical to enabling sales teams, increasing revenue, and better serving customers. Across the broad spectrum of Salesforce integration needs, patterns emerge for how to best address integration challenges. Integration patterns are the most logical sequence of steps to solving a specific type of integration problem. Integration with Salesforce Marketing Cloud allows full utilization of the Sitecore XP system. You can plan, optimize and customize customer engagement using an award-winning system that delivers relevant and personalized experiences to the customer.

At High Score Labs, we have years of experience with Sitecore and Salesforce. We understand the complexities of not only integrating the technology, but also teaching teams of various disciplines how to get the most out of both Sitecore and Salesforce. Contact us to see how we can help you elevate your customer engagement to the next level!