Top 5 content management challenges you need to solve now

High Score Labs News   •   May 2, 2019

Today customers will often look at a product or service online before visiting the physical location. In addition, in the world we live in, an ever-increasing number of purchases and other transactions are conducted primarily online. Due to this fact, using content management to better engage your target audience in context of each person, digital engagement has become increasingly critical. Now we will review several potential opportunities to increase ones digital outreach efforts.Personalized content

Content is the main part of the site and can attract or deter potential customers. Today, people have an ever increasing choice of options that can be used, which is why delivering the right content at the right time is critical. Unique content fitted to the customers’ needs and interests can increase audience engagement. There are many tools to do this and choosing the right ones can help you achieve your goals, especially when it is manageable by the business with minimal developer involvement required

Different content channels

The modern marketer has many channels that can be used to engage with customers; web pages, social integration, emails, applications – all of them are sources of content. According to an Oracle survey, 49% of companies that use content management platforms, have noted problems with their omnichannel content. The solution is to select an effective content management system, really a customer experience management platform, with that makes it easy to manage multichannel content such as social media, email, mobile devices, IoT, etc.

Auditory engagement

The majority of us have an account or accounts in social networks. According to Statista, social media had 2.46 billion users worldwide in 2017. Present day, people tend to trust news and reviews from social networks rather than from traditional sources. If you want to get noticed, then it is critical to pay attention to social media and how your customer base is using it. Modern content management tools can provide monitoring and analysis of your social media content and most social networks make it possible to interact with customers using custom built experiences, not to mention some access to analytic data.

Technical issues

There are many online presences out there today that focus on image content to help attract attention. However, today video content is becoming more and more popular and often demanded by the user base. Given this, the average size of the site has risen twice in two years. Because of this, often CDN (Content Delivery Networks) are needed to handle the videos as well as the requests coming from the user base. Other issues can have a negative effect, for example, how many times have you left a web site simply because it was too slow, taking 8 seconds or more to load on every page or when filling out a simple form?

Keeping up on trends

One day, social media is the most popular method to reach your users, then with little warning it can seem that a new channel is made available that would be more effective. The real challenge is keeping up with it all. Often business decisions are made based on incorrect ideas founded in previous experience that is no longer valid. Keeping up doesn’t have to be too difficult and can often be automated. Simply ready analytics reports, engaging with your target audience through campaigns, social engagement, surveys and so on, can go a long way to make enlightened decisions that will generate you the greatest ROI. For example, if site analytics are showing that 80% of your traffic is mobile based, perhaps putting the mobile user experience to the top of the list is the best decision. This is only a minor example on how analytics and feedback can help make better decisions, based on current trends.

At High Score Labs, our team has years of experience in content management. We know how to make personalized content and deliver it through relevant channels. We keep up on new trends, which helps us to increase audience engagement. Our modern tools let you avoid technical issues. We would love to help you with your digital engagement strategy!