Top digital trends for 2019

High Score Labs News   •   April 2, 2019

Artificial Intelligence , Chatbots, Content marketing, E-commerce

We’re moving away from viewing technology as a stand-alone feature. It’ emerging as a ubiquitous player in our every day lives. We can wake up to find out smartphones ready with the latest news, and our e-commerce websites knowing what we’re going to purchase by the evening. There are many important trends that analysts are predicting for 2019. The top trends are listed below –  

  1. AI everywhere

AI is a platform-centric technology that can enhance any technology that it integrates with. Everything from wearables to work-life can be affected by AI in some way shape or form. That’s why experts believe that AI is going to be an important digital trend for the year to come. AI is also enhanced with the rise in data availability and analytics. Companies are developing unique AI solutions that can enhance our everyday life.  

  1. Chatbot technologies

Chatbots are handling millions of data points every day, with an increasing focus on engagement and interactivity. With the advancement in NLP and processing power, we’re seeing greater impact in the way that Chatbot technologies are being implemented. It’s set to become a universal technology available across all formats.  

  1. ContentMarketing 

When it comes to digital trends, few shifts compare to content market. People have access to some of the best content developed by top brands in the digital space. This keeps them updated across countries and make better business decisions. Content is becoming ubiquitous and is shaping much of the discussion around technology.  

  1. E-commerce

With the rise in smartphones and increased data connectivity, we’re seeing a global rise in ecommerce adoption. There are a larger number of tech firms that are developing unique features in the ecommerce space. From a business perspective, ecommerce is a positive notion in the right direction. Customers have access to produces worldwide, opening up the audience base globally for all payers.  

  1. IoT andwearables 

There is a larger emphasis given to IoT, owing to its ability to integrate with everyday operations. We can have an IoT based smart mirror that gives you fashion advice. We’re also seeing companies work on M2M IoT devices that transmit critical information real-time. From a technology stand-point, IoT is the next big digital wave that analysts are predicting