Innovative Green Tech With Simply The Best Aeroponics

Chapin Industries News   •   June 2, 2016

Simply the Best (STB) Aeroponics, alongside solar energy development partners Clean Footprint, have a dream of sustainable food production. Their concept, aeroponic grown produce, allows uninterrupted year-round planting and harvesting in an urban farm environment, free from contamination. Aeroponic produce has the potential to drastically improve health outcomes for people in cities nationwide by improving access to nutritious foods, key to fighting preventable conditions such as diabetes and heart disease.

STB is leading the fight against disease, targeting one of its root causes. Aeroponic farming also makes more efficient use of urban spaces and promoting economic growth. The food system STB envisions is both more equitable and more environmentally friendly, proof that innovation is possible and often necessary in every industry, including farming.

STB called upon High Score Labs to promote and realize their vision of locally grown and distributed fresh greens in America’s cities. It was necessary to demonstrate that STB is a viable, large-scale response to the pressing concerns facing cities, which continue to experience rapid population growth amidst existing food security and food access issues. Urban agriculture faces numerous obstacles, including the assumption that it is necessarily a niche or grassroots movement. High Score Labs needed to communicate what sets STB apart: the potential to overhaul the way people in cities eat.

Before the project, STB had no online presence, nor did they have any content to populate an online presence. Additionally, they needed help planning the rollout of the model and distribution. Starting with STB’s vision and innovative green tech approach, High Score Labs grew a web presence and set the company on track to make their dream a reality, including through assistance with marketing their produce and production model to local businesses. STB’s website gives an overview of aeroponic grown produce, explaining its benefits to growers, consumers, and the spaces they inhabit. High Score Labs also supported the creation of a GoFundMe campaign and helped STB to establish a social media presence on Twitter, with respect to the fact that, above all, aeroponic produce is about reaching people directly with the goal of improving their lives.