System Audit And Support For Sitecore Infrastructure

Avada News   •   June 2, 2016


A health care provider that operates nearly 30 hospitals and hundreds of clinics across several states has to have a strong technical infrastructure. That might sound obvious, but consider all that can go wrong with a faulty infrastructure. For a health care provider to deliver the quality of care each patient deserves, every member of the staff, from doctors, to nurses, to pharmacists, to front line staff, must work together as a perfect. The technical infrastructure is an extension of this collaborative effort, and a critical tool for organizing such a complex, high-stakes operation.

If a health care system’s technical infrastructure doesn’t work properly, the quality of care suffers. So when one leading health care institution approached High Score Labs after experiencing system-wide technical issues, it was truly an emergency. They needed someone with the ability to determine exactly what was wrong with their system and to fix it, not just temporarily, but to sustain operations across their many for many years to come. The scale of the project was immense, and so was the urgency.

The client reported unacceptable performance and reliability issues. When a user reports a problem, it’s crucial to understand its underlying causes, so High Score Labs began by performing a full audit of the institution’s Sitecore 8 system, including the code, infrastructure, and processes. We discovered close to 400 existing bugs, as well as problems with search integration, data imports, and multi-site setups. For an institution that thrives on an interconnected network of providers and services, these issues carry enormous consequences.

After performing the audit, High Score Labs provided the client with a 60-page document, explaining the causes of their technical issues and providing recommendations for correcting them. Working together, we developed a timeline not only to respond to the immediate issues but to build the high-performance infrastructure the client needed, all over the course of nine months. High Score Labs also drew upon our training expertise and taught the institution’s development teams to use the system, including how to troubleshoot performance issues, so they can provide their network with the preventative care it needs to avoid future emergencies.