Navigating Around

High Score Labs News   •   Feb 2, 2016

The Sitecore dashboard makes management of the infrastructure very easy and is also very configurable. The design concept places applications within Sitecore in an easy to access location. Here we will take a quick look at some of the changes from Sitecore 7.

Open the Content Editor

  • Login to Sitecore
  • On the dashboard click the content editor button
  • You will see a left and right pane
  • The left pane shows the site structure (pages mainly)
  • The right pane shows the fields of the currently selected item
  • The content node is where your site lives
  • The media node is where all the images your site use lives
  • The Layouts, Social, System and Templates nodes are maintained by super users, developers and Sitecore administrators only

To Expand a Node

  • In the content editor, click on the node on the far left of it (the carrot)
  • The node will then expand to show its children
  • Repeat the step till you reach your intended item
  • Click on the item to select it (as needed)
  • Closing a parent node will close all child nodes

In future articles, we will take a deeper dive into the content editor tool in Sitecore and see how it empowers marketing teams to better engage.